Download Projected 2017 BPA National Leadership Conference Expenses*

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Projected 2017 BPA National Leadership Conference Expenses*
Orlando, FL
May 10-14
Total Cost
Student Cost
Hotel - $275/night 5 nights + 12.5% tax
Assigned to Disney Beach Club Resort
As of 2/10/17
Flight - Spokane (GEG) to Orlando (MCO)
Transportation from Hotel to Airport
Post-Dated Check Due Date
Shuttle from airport to hotel is provided by hotel
BPA NLC Tours and Enrichment
Price varies (most are $115 ea.)
NLC Registration
Price for Early Online Registration (before 4/1/17)
Above amounts must be paid to school before due date
Additional Projected Student Expenses
Food Money-$30/day 6 days
Spending/Shopping Money
will vary
Amount will vary per student
Above amounts must be brought by the student
Total Fees and Expenses (projected)
Total Fees and Expenses (projected)
Total with Food Money
Includes 1 Tour Event
Less student travel account
Less fundraising
Less sponsorships
Amount owed after deductions
This amount for a post-dated check
Last updated: 2/10/17
*All amounts are estimates and subject to change.
School policy dictates that we cannot book plane tickets, transfers, or registration until we have the money up front. We are not allowed to extend credit.
We can take a post-dated check that we will not cash until May from a parent/guardian to book your plane ticket. We will book plane tickets as soon as we can the Monday after SLC.
Please make a plan with your parents regarding how you will pay for your national expenses. We are REALLY excited for the opportunity to take you to Orlando!