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Further Information:
Information on all the Timeless Funds can be found on
our website:
Write to us at:
Timeless values An optimal solution
Even when investors are able to recognize current
market developments, investing in gold and silver
will not necessarily guarantee them success.
The Timeless Precious Metal Fund team has the
depth of experience and knowledge required to
retain the value of their assets and achieve above
average capital gains over a long period of time.
The Timeless Precious Metal Fund Team:
Peter Zihlmann, Fund Manager
CH-8001 Zurich
[email protected],
Kurt W. Kamber, Managing Director
[email protected]
Dr. David E. Griscti, Secretary and Director
Valletta VLT 1467, Malta,
We are here for you! Take the time to speak with us
on timeless investment opportunities.
The Investment Strategy
Long-term capital growth is our highest goal.
The choice of which companies to invest in is taken
only after a thorough fundamental analysis of listed
companies worldwide that are active in the junior
mining sector. The fund targets a balanced diversification in terms of the size, stage of development and
geo-political exposure of our holdings. It therefore
maintains about 50 constituents on an on-going basis.
The most heavily-weighted position (approximately
50%) comprises producing mines. About 30% of the
fund is invested in smaller companies that will go into
production within the coming two years.
Since companies are measured on their production
capacities, those companies that are able to substantially expand their output over many years will be
rewarded with out-performing valuations.
The Timeless Precious Metal Fund received their license
on 16 July 2004 from the Malta (EU) Financial Services
Authority (MFSA) as a “Retail Collective Investment
Fund Manager
P. Zihlmann Investment Management AG
Limmatquai 72, CH-8001 Zurich
Phone +41 44 268 51 10, Fax +41 44 268 51 51
Skype: peterzihlmann
[email protected]
Valletta Funds Services
Depository Bank:
Bank of Valletta plc, Malta
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Malta
This is an advertisement. Prospective applicants for
Shares should read the complete prospectus and
inform themselves as to the legal requirements and any
applicable exchange control or tax requirements in the
countries of their nationality, residence or domicile.
Investments in
high-growth gold and silver
mining companies
Key Info
ISIN: MT0000072612
Swiss Valor: 1921952
Domicile: Valletta, Malta
Currency: Euro (€)
Minimum Subscription: 8.000 €
Management Fee: 2% p.a.
The Timeless Precious Metal Fund
Why Precious Metals?
The Timeless Precious Metal Fund offers a unique
opportunity to invest in companies active in the
very promising areas of gold and silver exploration
and production. The fund strategy concentrates
on small and mid-sized companies, which have
a greater growth potential relative to the bigger
cap stocks.
Historically, precious metals, especially gold, were the
embodiment of wealth and gold was a classical instrument for savings for many centuries. Precious metals
were worked into jewelry and ancient cults used them
in coins or weighed nuggets as a medium of exchange.
Junior and mid-tier mining companies can grow
more quickly because they can continuously and
quickly expand resources and production. The
existing larger players (i.e. the majors) often have
difficulty to continuously expand their gold and
silver reserves, resources or increase production
This is the reason that we maintain a high portion
of the portfolio invested in companies with producing mines. Companies with a strong exploration
potential round out the spectrum.
For hundreds of years, gold was a measure of worth and
an instrument for savings. Because of its stable valuation, governments used gold to cover paper currencies
for a very long time.
But more recently, currencies have broken away from
the gold standard and massive amounts of new paper
cash have been issued, leading to a massive drop in the
purchasing power of most modern currencies. Paper
money’s function as a measure of value, as a medium
of exchange and especially as an instrument of savings
has disappeared before our very eyes. It no longer
functions as a guarantee for asset protection and therefore can no longer underpin long-term and retirement
Monthly Reports
Precious Metals against the Erosion of Monetary
Precious metals and other tangible assets provide
robust protection against the global devaluation of
money. They retain value and can neither be arbitrarily
reproduced nor destroyed. As opposed to paper money,
which only represents a promise of payment, precious
metals have intrinsic value and are debt free. They are
like an insurance against devaluation. Gold is worldwide the only liquid tangible value that is recognized as
a monetary alternative.
Not only in times of rising inflation, but also in the rare
case of deflation, gold and silver shares have proven to
be an excellent vehicle for value coverage and conservation.
P. Zihlmann Investment Management AG, the Manager
of the Timeless Precious Metal Fund, issues a monthly
report on the fund’s development.
Download the Monthly Reports here:
Or request them per email to:
[email protected]