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New Appointment System
If you have contacted the surgery in the last month you will have noticed that our
appointment system has changed.
Whereas before we used to have a ‘Duty doctor’ system that came into action if all
our appointments for a particular day had been taken but you felt that your
problem/question could not wait until the next available appointment the ‘Duty doctor’
would call you back, this system has now stopped. The reason the change has been
necessary is that the number of calls the doctor was having to make was becoming a
concern for both the doctors and the patients with sometimes up to 150 calls to make
it might have been that you would not get a call back until late in the evening, which
is not a good service to offer you as patients or safe practice for a doctor that has
been making telephone calls since 8am in the morning.
We still have pre-bookable appointments that are available with the doctors 14 days,
2 days and now also 1 day in advance. If you call and feel that you need to see a
doctor on the same day because you have become unwell we now offer a ‘Drop-In’
Clinic, which means you are told to come down straight away, your name will be
added to the Drop-In clinic list and you will be seen in the order which you arrive, we
cannot give you a time that you will be seen as it depends on how long each patient
is in but the sooner you come down the fewer there will be before you.
If you would like some telephone advice or a continuation fit note we have increased
the number of telephone consultation slots for each GP and they will telephone you
the next day they have a clinic, the receptionist will tell you which day this is.
As mentioned in the October Newsletter, we are under-going some changes within
the practice.
We are currently trying to recruit new GPs to the practice and whilst we are waiting
to fill the vacant positions we are employing some Locum staff.
Dr Ian Ferrer joined the practice working Tuesdays and Wednesdays on 4th October
2106. Dr Lucy Etukakpan will be returning to the practice to help by working
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from November 2016.
Mr Khaled is an Advanced Practitioner (AP) who has been working in the practice
since the beginning of September consulting patients in the same way that a GP
does. He is not be able to treat pregnant ladies, ladies with ‘lady problems’, or babies
under 6 months but can consult children over 6 months and adults for acute
conditions or to help with on-going problems and prescribe or refer to other services
where necessary in the same way as a GP.
We also now have 2 GP Registrars. In addition to Dr Hina working on Tuesdays,
Wednesday mornings and Fridays we now have Dr Saunders working in the practice
on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Our Clinical Pharmacist, Mr Waqas Ahmed will be able to help you with your
medication reviews, any queries that you had about your medication and will also
work closely with the GPs regarding your conditions and medications.