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….financial management software for New
York State municipal governments and nonprofit organizations….
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Enhanced Business Systems, LLC
P.O Box 13804
Albany, NY 12212
•All modules are fully integrated
Point & click screen layout allows those with minimal computer
experience to immediately use the system
•Fully compatible with generally accepted accounting principles
prescribed by the Office of the State Comptroller
•Creating reports are extremely user friendly
•Point & Click for a variety of accounting specific information
•Our system contains hundreds of user defined reports
All reports are first printed to the screen for easy review
Hundreds of reports are available including: financial overview – trial
balance – annual report – balance sheet – disbursements & receipts
Reporting criteria is user defined and can include any accounting period –
opened or closed!
Annual Fund Report – Check Register
•Accounts Payable allows multiple fund assignments
when entering supplier invoices
•Drill down feature provides easy access to G/L numbers
•Ability to display previously entered invoices
Display all invoices previously entered during a voucher session
Ability to edit invoices at any time prior to posting
Attach “Invoice Memo” for future reference
Abstract of Vouchers Reports can be sorted by fund, date, voucher
and/or supplier. Run these series of reports for paid or unpaid,
for one fund or for all funds!
•Multiple selection criteria for payment of supplier invoices
•Pay all supplier, a single supplier or a group of suppliers
•All selections can be viewed prior to proceeding
• Prior to printing a check - drill down on any supplier invoice
for a quick review
Ability to drill down on supplier invoices is available whether paid or
unpaid – for the current accounting period or for past accounting periods!
•A key feature of Accounts Payable is the ability to enter Handwritten
Checks and “pre or post” date as required
•All a/p checks are recorded in the general ledger and presented on the
Abstract of Vouchers report by data range and/or alphabetically
•Our “Auto Void Supplier Invoice” feature maintains complete accountability
Once an invoice is entered into the system, it can not be “deleted” only
removed (which generates a formal audit trail)
Payroll starts with the basic employee information, which include note fields that
print on various reports
The system automatically maintains and displays useful information such as last
paycheck number, date of check and period to name a few
Multiple pay rates, deductions, pay frequencies and fund assignments can
be entered for respective employees
Individual earning records (like snow removal) can be marked “inactive”
until needed.
•Start using payroll anytime during the year! Respective employee Y-T-D
earnings and deductions are “initialized” on one screen!
•Past and present pay checks issued to each employee can
also be displayed
•We have the most comprehensive and easy to use payroll reports
•All reports are user defined and based on date ranges
•Select all employees or individual employees
•Payroll Tax Liability, NYS-45 , W2 forms and Hours/Category worked are
but a few reports found in this fully integrated module
•Traditional hard copy and Electronic file format of the
NY State Retirement Report are both available
•Payroll can be processed by one or more pay periods
•Employees can be paid as a group or individually
•All pay frequencies are available
Payroll features Direct Deposit capability
Employees can elect to deposit their entire paycheck or only a part
Setup is easy and secure
The “Undo Payroll” feature is a safety net against mistakes
Instead of restoring from a backup when mistakes are made,
simply click a few buttons and start over!
Keep the program’s data file clean and streamlined
using the System Tool Box
Easily make adjustments to employee hours worked, rates of pay and
deductions – all on one screen!
Thank you for taking the time to review our suite of municipal software.
We hope that this brief overview has given you a flavor for the operation of
Enhanced Fund Accounting and the ease of use inherent in it’s design.
Enhanced Fund Accounting is unlike any other competing
The software is very graphic and user friendly – we don’t use plain “drop
down” menus and drab looking gray screens that are “cluttered” with
Our software is written in Microsoft Access – the largest and most widely
used database software in the country.
Enhanced Fund Accounting is a true Windows product – not an old DOS
program disguised to be used within a Windows environment.
Multiple accounting years can be opened at the same time – we don’t
force you to close prior to opening a new year!
Annual updates provides you with a current product that keeps getting
better and better……you’ll never outgrow the program!