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eVS System
Click here to go to the eVS System
(Only accessible on campus or via GMU PIN)
The eVS system is a web-based system that allows you to manage the information
required by the PAR.
It is divided into four information sections: General, Research, Teaching, and Service. In
each section you can enter and modify data specific to that section as well as enter a
comment in a free-text box.
There is also a section called Reports that allows you to preview your PAR, print and
save it to a PDF file, and formally submit it for evaluation by your department.
Some information will be already populated for you: course evaluations, PhD committee
memberships, grant/contract expenditures, and grant/contract proposals.
The data you enter using eVS is stored in a database that is used to support other Webbased applications to be developed by the school. We encourage you to enter new
information using eVS as it becomes available during the year. This enter-as-you-go
process will make it easier for you, will relieve the pressure of having to do your PAR by
a certain deadline, and will allow interim school reports to be generated at any time.
The eVS database is stored in a dedicated server with a RAID-5 configuration for
increased fault-tolerance. Moreover, it is backed up every day around 2:00am to a
shadow server with the same configuration.
The system implements an approval workflow based on the following concepts. Each
department may have PAR evaluators appointed by the department chair. Once a
faculty member submits the PAR to the department by using the eVS system, the PAR
becomes visible and available for annotation by the department's evaluators and by the
department chair. When a department chair and the department evaluators complete
the review of a PAR they can submit it through the eVS system to the Dean. At this point,
the PAR becomes available for review and annotation by the Dean.
The URL for the eVS system is