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Ref 12
Name of legal
Project title
Support to Public Administration Reform in Serbia
Overall project
value (EUR)
Proportion carried out by
legal entity (%)
32,00 %
No of staff provided
Name of client
Origin of funding
Name of partners
1 TL (18 m/m);
STE - Senior (3,5
STE - Junior (6 m/m)
The Ministry of the
Justice and Public
The General Secretariat,
The HRM Agency
The Delegation of the
European Union to the
Republic of Serbia
Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics;
PriceWaterhouse Coopers (B);
Detailed description of project
Type of services provided
The project has provided the following services:
The overall objective of the project was to
enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and Sub-component 1A:
- assess the MoJ to evaluate current PAR coordination and monitoring system, in particular with regard to contact points in Public
accountability of Public Administration in
Administration bodies; - revise PAR Action Plan for 2011-2012, in particular with regard to monitor indicators and develop an
Serbia in line with the Public Administration
effective coordination, monitoring and reporting system; - provide support to contact points responsible for PAR coordination and
Reform Strategy and in accordance with the
monitoring in each PA body; - design and deliver a training package on monitoring and evaluation to the devoted MPALSG staff
and to the contact points; - organize a half-year overview and assessment of the PAR Action Plan implementation; Preparation of
requirements of the EU integration process.
the draft new PAR Strategy and AP (including anti-corruption measures to be implemented within the PA bodies);
Sub-component 1B:
- draft a PAR communication strategy; - design and deliver a training package on communication about reform issues; - deliver
press releases on PAR process and achievements and organise seminars for the media; - assist MPALSG in the implementation of
the PAR communication strategy; - assist MPALSG in the development of PAR portal
The purpose of this contract was to contribute to
the development of the Public Administration
Reform Strategy and related Action Plans
(including part referring to the anticorruption), in particular by enhancing Component 2: Organisational reengineering:
- this component aimed at formulating and implementing strategic and operational plans, designing and implementing
strategic management, by supporting the
organizational structures, improving performance management systems and job descriptions in selected PA bodies, in order to
rationalization of public administration and by
improve their efficiency and effectiveness.
Component 3: Institutional framework for the training of civil servants in PA:
professional development.
this component was carried out on the basis of the Strategy for Professional Training of Civil Servants and related documents. The
component is aimed at enhancing the strategic policy lead capacity of MPALG and the legal and institutional frameworks for the
system of professional training for civil servants.