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QBE OHS Risk Management Essentials
QBE is committed to providing managers, employees and workplaces, with
OHS Risk Management Essentials. The Essentials will assist businesses to
minimise risk and drive cost efficiencies through the delivery of a range of
services, assistance and advice designed to facilitate the ongoing creation
and growth of safe and healthy workplaces.
One of these Essentials is Implementing
An Integrated Approach to Prevention,
Injury Management and Premium
M1. Executive Management Review Program
M2. Legal Briefings for Senior Managers
M3. Discounted OHS Services and Resources for QBE Clients
M4. Risk Management Investments
M5. Management Information Systems
M6. An Integrated Approach to Prevention, Injury Management
and Premium
QBE OHS Risk Management Essentials
M6 An Integrated Approach to Prevention, Injury Management and Premium
The Aim
for your workplace and employees. Our services include:
It doesn’t matter what you call it – ‘occupational health
and safety’, ‘risk management’, ‘workplace safety’ or any
number of terms that come and go. The point is: it’s good
for business if people are not injured at work. Why, then,
is this so difficult to achieve?
• Selecting an integration approach to fit your business.
• A
ssistance establishing a business case to support
your ongoing risk management investment.
At QBE we feel that the problem lies in a lack of clear
information and an uncoordinated approach to OHS
risk management and workers compensation in the
• T
raining for staff on the “Integrated Approach to OHS,
Workers Compensation and Return to Work”.
To deal with this, we offer a simple option – an integration
of workplace injury management systems and prevention.
The Essentials
We can assist you in bringing your systems together using
AS 4801, Australian Standard for Occupational Health and
Safety Management System. The process gets underway
with a strategic executive review. The key feature of this
approach is that it is outcome focused. Its priority is to
reduce premium costs. It is a measurement-based system
that is underpinned by regular reviews of practices and
procedures and the controls that are in place.
The Integrated approach can:
• Create a safer workplace. • A
ccess to advice from experienced risk management
professionals to support decision making.
• System audits to identify opportunities for improvement.
• M
anagement reviews to track progress and identify
The Deliverables
Using premium outcomes to drive action we encourage
open communication lines and collaboration between
your line managers and the various departments
(Finance, Human Resources, OHS) which all have a
role to play in reducing costs. This, in conjunction with
the establishment of premium reduction objectives and
related strategies, will focus the efforts of all of these
areas to gain the best result. Once embedded, an
integrated approach can dramatically reduce workplace
risks and the resultant claim costs, which ultimately drive
premiums down.
• Achieve premium reductions.
• Improve legal compliance.
• Raise operating OHS standards.
• Improve injury management outcomes.
The elements of the integrated OHS and Injury
Management system are presented below.
We recommend using the OHS Risk Management
Essentials in combination with each other to achieve
maximum impact. If you would like to know more about
these Essentials talk to your QBE Account Manager or
visit our website at
We can help you develop an integrated program tailored
Four Part Generic Management System
1. Plan
• Objectives • Strategies
• Performance Measures
• Responsibility & Accountability
2. Implement
• Action
3. Measure
4. Improve
• Performance Measures
• Feedback & Performance
• Management Review
• System Improvement
Continuous Improvement Loop
QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035