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Food irradiation
By:Steve Theil, Nick Zinni, Kiarra Keller,
Shyla Woodworth
Why Irradiate food?
Prevention of Foodborne illness
Control of insects
Delay of Sprouting
How is food Irradiation
Gamma Rays
X Ray which are produced by reflecting a high
energy stream.
Electron beam
Foods that have been approved for
● Takes essential nutrients out of food that people need.
● costs consumers more at the store to buy these foods.
● irradiation uses radioactive materials such as cesium-137 and cobalt-60
which can cause injury or even death to workers at irradiation plants.
● the more irradiated foods that are made the more plants that will be built
and the more likelihood of a serious accident in transport, operation, and
disposal of nuclear materials
● food irradiation plants have already contaminated the environment
Protect food from viruses
Makes food last longer and not spoil
provides nutrients
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