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Friday, September 16, 2016
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Mechanical Engineering Rm 1153
Light refreshments will be served!
Fall 2016 Colloquium Series
Elective Surgery Scheduling
Considering Time-Dependent
Patient Health Conditions
Presented by
Dr. Yuehwern Yih, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare
Professor, School of Industrial Engineering,
Purdue University
Surgery is estimated to account for approximately 40% of a
hospital’s total revenues and expenses. The quality of elective
surgery scheduling directly affects patient outcomes, safety,
access, healthcare cost, as well as hospital’s operating costs.
The common objectives are to minimize patient wait time and
hospital overtime. In this research, we propose an operating
room planning problem that considers daily patient health
condition. In addition to patient health condition, operating
room overutilization is also considered to reduce a hospital’s
surgical costs. We formulated the problem as a stochastic MIP
and employed the sample average approximation to identify
the optimal assignment of surgeries. Numerical results based
on a block scheduling case will be discussed.
About the Speaker:
Dr. Yuehwern Yih received her Ph.D.
from UW-Madison. Dr. Yih is a
Professor of Industrial Engineering at
Purdue and her expertise resides in
system and process design, modeling,
monitoring, and decision making to
improve its quality and performance.
She is also the Associate Director of
Regenstrief Center for Healthcare
Engineering in Discovery Park at
Purdue. Dr. Yih provides strong
leadership in infusing system
engineering in healthcare services, and
coordinating strategic research
initiatives and programs for the
Center. Her Handbook of Healthcare
Delivery Systems is the first handbook
that connects wide arrays of
healthcare related sectors to provide a
holistic view of healthcare delivery
process as an integrated system. Dr.
Yih is one of the experts who
contributed to “Order from Chaos –
Accelerating Care Integration,” a
report of the Lucian Leape Institute
Roundtable in 2012. In 2013, Dr. Yih
received the inaugural Faculty
Engagement Fellow Award at Purdue,
based on her work at AMPATH
developing a nutrition information
system and a food distribution system
for HIV patients in Western Kenya. She
is a NEC Faculty Fellow, IISE Fellow,
and ELATE Fellow.