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UCB Progress with 8” MCPs and Testing
8” electroded MCP in the open face test detector.
MCP #3 and MCP #2 have been electroded on both sides with 1700Å inconel.
#2 is 31kΩ and #3 is 3MΩ in air - will do vacuum tests shortly.
LAPPD 1/25/11
8” Open Face Test Detector
Everything except the mounting plate for the 8” open face test detector is done.
The cross delay line is exactly as models predicted, ~250ns delay. We expect to
Achieve <200µm spatial resolution for evaluation of 8” MCPs. All the electronics
is in place for data recording.
LAPPD 1/25/11
8” MCP Test Detector Vacuum System
Vacuum test chamber system for testing the 8” MCPs is finished and
undergoing commissioning tests.
LAPPD 1/25/11