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Jonnathan Pineda
What is a Cell?
Make up living things
 Carry out activities that keep them alive
What is a Cell Wall?
Protected layer
 Found on the outside of plasma
 If you put a balloon in a box, the box
serves a cell wall protecting the balloon
3 Layers
Middle Lamella- first layer formed,
composed of peptic compounds and
 Primary Wall- second layer formed
 Secondary Wall- last layer, is extremely
rigid, provides compression strength
Where is the Cell wall found?
 bacteria
 Achaea
 fungi
 algae
 Different types of cell wall for each
Cell Wall in Plants, Archaea,,
 Primary Walls
 Secondary walls
 Archaea
 Composed of a S-Layer and lack
o Bacteria
 Composed of disaccharides and amino
What are Cell walls Made of?
Plant cell wall - cellulose
 Bacterial cell wall- peptidoglycan
 Fungi cell wall- chitin and other
 Archaea cell wall- isoprenyl ether
 Algae cell wall- cellulose
Its Function?
Gives it a shape
 Protect cell
 Acts as a pressure vessel
 Prevent over expansion when water
enters the cell
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