Download Plate Boundaries Driving Question: How are Earth`s tectonic plates

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Plate Boundaries
Driving Question: How are Earth’s tectonic plates moving?
Part 1:
In your specialty group, ANALYZE the data map.
1. Examine the data and make observations
2. Identify patterns in the data
3. Create categories for the patterns. Mark them on the map.
Part 2:
In mixed groups, make an INTERPRETATION of the data across maps.
1. For your assigned plate, each person share their data category for the
boundaries of that plate
2. Work together to interpret the data for each boarder of your assigned plate.
What patterns do you see across the data types?
Part 3:
Write a SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION that states what is happening along ONE of
your group’s plate boundaries (groups can choose which one), in response to the
overall driving question. Use the following prompts:
Claim: (Write a statement that responds to the original question.)
Evidence: (Provide scientific data to support your claim, based upon the patterns in the
data maps. Appropriate data is relevant for the problem and allows you to figure out your
claim. Remember that not all data is appropriate. Enough data refers to providing the pieces
of evidence necessary to convince someone of your claim.)
Reasoning: (In your reasoning statement, connect your claim and evidence to show how
your data links to your claim. Also, tell why your data counts as evidence to support your
claim by using scientific principles. Remember, reasoning is the process where you apply
your science knowledge to answer the question.)
What new questions do you have?
Modified from “Discovering Plate Boundaries” by Dale S. Sawyer, Rice University