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Risks of Adolescent Sexual
What Is Your Health IQ?
Only about 1/3 of pregnant teenagers
ever complete high school.
Most teen mothers eventually marry
the father of their child.
False, only about 20% of teen
mothers eventually marry the father of
their child
Health IQ con’t.
Teen parents usually must interrupt
their education to work
Babies born to teen mothers are more
likely to suffer health problems
There is no effective way to prevent all
of the risks of teen sexual activity.
False, abstinence eliminates the risks
of teen sexual activity
Identify the possible consequences,
especially for teens of sexual activity
before marriage
Describe how pregnancy can affect the
lives of teen parents & babies of teens
Identify how abstinence eliminates the
risks of teen sexual activity
Predict how a pregnancy now (yours or
your partner’s) would affect your life
Key Terms
Sexually Transmitted Disease
An infectious disease that is spread
by sexual contact
Risks of Teen Sexual Activity
Unplanned Pregnancy
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
“If I have a baby, I’ll
be the center of
He won’t leave me if
I’m pregnant w/his
“I can’t get pregnant
the first time.”
“Jan is a really nice
girl. She’d never
have an STD.”
Few teens want to
be around a baby.
Teen pregnancy
adds stress to a
You CAN get
pregnant the 1st
time you have sex.
Sexually active
individuals are at
risk of getting STDs.
Teen Pregnancy
Most teens think it won’t happen to me.
800,000 – 900,000 females get
pregnant each year
1/5 sexually active females get
pregnant each year
4/10 females become pregnant at least
once before age 20
The majority of pregnant women under
the age of 20 are not married
Health Effects On Teen Mom
Pregnancy is hard on the teen mother
Teen bones & muscles are not ready for
the physical stresses of pregnancy
Teens are still developing physically
Teens must eat well & get medical care
to stay healthy & to increase their
chances of delivering a healthy baby,
Otherwise both the mother & the baby
can have health problems.
Teen Parents
The responsibilities of teen
parenthood require:
Educational &
Financial Sacrifices
Teen Parents
Caring for a baby is hard work.
Teen parents take on adult
Usually have to interrupt their education
Have limited job options
Parents are legally responsible for the
care & well-being of their children
Most teen parents are not prepared to
make these sacrifices or to take on adult
Realities Of Teen Parents
Teen fathers earn, on average, less
money per year than male teens who
delay fatherhood until age 20 – 21
Being a teen parent means having
less free time for yourself
Only 20% of single teen mothers
eventually marry the father of their
Only about 30% of pregnant
teenagers ever finish high school
Babies Of Teen Parents
Teens often delay medical care
Babies born to teen mothers are more
likely to suffer from health problems
Are more likely to be born premature &
to have low birth weight (less than 5 ½
Babies with low birth weight are more
likely to have physical & mental
problems than babies w/normal birth
If someone you know is or thinks she
is pregnant, encourage her to see a
doctor right away
She & her partner should also talk to
a parent or trusted adult
Many communities offer counseling,
prenatal care, & classes on childbirth
& parenting to pregnant teens
Abstinence Eliminates The
Risks Of Teen Sexual Activity
One way you can protect your dreams
& goals is to remain abstinent from
sexual activity
Only abstinence eliminates the risks
of teen sexual activity, pregnancy, or
There are many ways to show love &
affection non-sexually
Nonsexual Ways To Show
Love & Affection
Make your partner feel special
Find hobbies to do together
Get to know the person you’re
interested in
Spend together & show respect for
each other
Closeness & caring are as important
as sexual attractiveness.
“Everyone Is Doing It”
The reality is that a majority of teens in
high school choose abstinence
Abstinence allows you to:
Allows you to be in charge of your
Makes many options possible
Allows you to protect your health
By practicing abstinence, you will be
able to finish your education & prepare
for your career.