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Geometry A Chapter 3 Study Guide
Directions: For questions 1 -4 use the figure to the right. Assume a || b
1. Name all the angles congruent to 2
2. Name all the angles congruent to 13
3. Name all the angles congruent to 4
4. Name all of the angles supplementary to 17
Directions: Define the following triangles. Draw a picture of the triangle.
Directions: Indicate how many sides do the following Polygons have:
Directions: Answer the following questions relating to polygons.
What is the interior angle sum for any polygon?
What is the exterior angle sum for any polygon?
What does it mean to be a regular pentagon?
Directions: Find the given measurements for the given polygon.
What is the INTERIOR ANGLE SUM for an octagon?
What is EACH INTERIOR ANGLE for that octagon?
What is its EXTERIOR ANGLE SUM for that octagon?
What is EACH EXTERIOR ANGLE for that octagon?
Directions: Find the values of x and y.
x = _________
y = _________
Directions: Identify the statements as TRUE or FALSE.
______ Vertical angles are congruent.
______ Corresponding have the same measurement
______ Alternate interior are not congruent
______ Same-side interior angles have a sum of 180 degrees.
_______ Interior angle and Exterior angle have a sum of 180 degrees.
_______ (n-2)180 is used to find the interior angle sum of any polygon.
_______ All polygons have an exterior angle sum of 360 degrees.
Directions: Solve for the value of x and name the pair of angles.
Name the pair of angles: _______________
Name the pair of angles: _______________
Name the pair of angles: _______________
Name the pair of angles: ________________
Directions: Use the quadratic formula to solve for x.
x2 -5x – 24 = 0
a = _____
b = _____
c = _____