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Sarah Hill
1165 Horn Lake Road
Nesbit, MS 38651
[email protected]
To attain a postion with Medical Education and Research Instititute so that I may help those who need
aid in education, and to further my own education and experience in the medical field.
Bachelor of Science, Biology
August 2008-May 2012
Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN 38104
Professional Experience
University of Memphis
Research Assistant under Dr. Randall Buddington
May 2011-August 2011
I did a study titled Effects of Amino Acid Enriched Diets on Hematologic Development of
Prenatal Pigs. I collected blood every twenty-four hours from the piglets after the piglets
had been fed their appropriate diet, and obtained hematologic data from the samples.
All Animal Hospital
Volunteer under Dr. Lee Allen
June 2010-January 2012
While at All Animal Hospital, I volunteered under the supervision of Dr. Lee Allen
until he moved to a new clinic at Cat and Cow Veterinary Hospital. With his
supervision, I learned several suture types, had a brief education of radiology and
ultrasoundography, learned basic diagnostic techniques and pharmaceutical dosing,
and how to psychologically help human owners with the passing of an animal and to
understand what was wrong with it.
Memphis Orthopedic Group
Shadowed under Jerry Shaw, PA
March 2012
I shadowed Mr. Shaw in both a clinical and surgical setting and observed the
techniques he used for diagnostics and many of the treatments thereafter. I
also observed a couple of surgical procedures and saw the correct technique
for surgical preparation, and what exactly a PA’s role is in a surgical setting.
Member of Beta Beta Beta Biological Society (January 2008-December 2009)
Participant of 5K runs for several charities (2007-present)
Member of National Honor Society (2006-2008)
Presented research at the Tennessee Academy of Science (March 2012)