Download Pet-Sitter Notes (for dog owners)

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Pet-Sitter Notes (for “other”
pet owners)
PET’S NAME: __________________ SPECIES: ________________________________Age:_________
Description: _________________________________________________________________________
Your pet may be confused when you leave. Taking care of
him or her along with TLC and normal nutrition habits help to
keep your pet a bit happier.
Just answer a few simple questions below so we know how to
handle your precious pet.
Your Pet’s
Does your pet like other animals? YES_____ No _____:
If YES, are there any specific types of animals that your pet is uncomfortable with?:
YES ____ No _____ Please list if YES:
What is your pet’s critical distance (how close can another animal be without your pet
Please give a detailed description of your pet’s personality in “Additional Information.”
Include information such as handling preferences, play preferences, etc.
Scheduled Events
Mealtime: (times and amounts)
Exercise schedule and description:
Additional Information