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PET BODY2: Vertex to Thigh
Skull Vertex to Mid Thigh PET Scan with CT Attenuation Correction
TECHNIQUE: A skull vertex to mid-thigh PET CT scan was performed on a Siemens Biograph 6
TruePoint scanner. The patient was scanned on the Radiation Therapy Planning tabletop.
Images above the neck were obtained with the arms positioned down, and images obtained
below the neck were obtained with the arms positioned up. The noncontrast CT images were
obtained for attenuation correction and are not used to diagnose disease independently of the 3D
PET images. The patient received an intravenous injection of _ mCi FDG F18 sixty to ninety
minutes prior to imaging. Blood glucose level was _ mg/dl at time of injection. The patient’s CT
DLP was_.