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Project "Preparation of the Bulgarian
Natura 2000 network of protected zones"
This proposal is developed in accordance with priority activities of National Action Plan for
Biodiversity Conservation /2005-2009/.
Bulgaria is expected to join the European Union in January 2007. As an EU member state
Bulgaria must comply with all relevant European Union legislation and directives, including
the EU Directive 92/43 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora
and the EU Directive 79/409 on the conservation of wild birds.
Directive 92/43 (Habitats) and the EU Directive 79/409 (Birds) require that on the date of
accession 31st December 2006, Bulgaria must be ready to submit to the European
Commission a list of Bulgarian sites to be included in the European Union NATURA 2000
Network of sites assigned for protection of species and habitats listed in the annexes of the
directives. The submission to the European Commission must contain completed standard
NATURA 2000 data form for each of the proposed sites as well as a map in scale at least
1:100,000, as a minimum showing the external boundaries of each proposed site.
1st October 2002 the DANCEE supported Project "Conservation of Species and Habitats in
Bulgaria: EU-Approximation" was initiated to support the National Nature Protection Services
under MoEW in establishing the Bulgarian NATURA 2000 network of protected areas.
Major steps in preparing Bulgaria for NATURA 2000 have thus been taken under the DANCEE
Project. Meanwhile, the average coverage of national NATURA 2000 Networks in member
states now cover 18 % of national territories and in states with particularly rich biodiversity
the figure is much higher.
The DANCEE funded project estimates that the Bulgarian NATURA 2000 Network should
cover approximately 34 % of Bulgaria's territory. So far 310 potential Natura 2000 sites were
identified till December 2004. For 129 of them ecological information required for Natura
2000 SDF is fully or partly collected.
A National NATURA 2000 GIS / Database has been established which contains data on
potential NATURA 2000 sites in Bulgaria in Standard NATURA 2000 Data Forms as well as
spatial information.
The network is expected to cover the following sites:
100 potential Special Protection Areas (SPAs) in accordance with the Bird Directive
150 proposed Sites of Community Importance (pSCI) in accordance with the Habitat
Directive (area subjects)
50 proposed pSCI which are bio-corridors including 25 rivers (linear subjects)
800 - 1,200 pSCI caves, including 200 important for bats (point subjects)
Implementation of engagements of Bulgaria in the process of EU accession on
designation of NATURA 2000 network
Preparation of required by EC documentation on potential NATURA 2000 sites –
Standard Data Forms and maps based on field inventories of EU significant habitats
and species
Keeping momentum of DANCEE project as a guarantee of quality and in time
fulfillment of engagements
Coordination of Natura 2000 network establishment at national level.
Coordination and QA of field inventories.
Maintenance and update of National Natura 2000 GIS and Data base.
Field inventories:
Select sites to be investigated;
Carry out field inventories in sites where there is no or insufficient biodiversity data
Compile and analyze existing biodiversity data from protected areas network in
Prepare Standard NATURA 2000 data forms for sites investigated;
Compile inventory results in MoEW NATURA 2000 Data base and analyze data.
3. Establish national figures for habitat coverage and population sizes to assess
level of compliance with EU requirements and gaps.
4. Clarification of NATURA 2000 site boundaries and adjustments of 1:100,000
maps to National cadastre in scale 1: 5 000. Estimation of land use and land
purpose within proposed NATURA 2000 sites.
PROJECT DURATION: 01.02.2005 – 31.12.2005
BUDJET: 619 000 BGL /= 309 500 Euro/
The Project is implemented with the financial support of EMEPA,
Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water