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Our dedicated hygienist is here to help you achieve excellent oral health to
promote a healthy mouth. Regular sessions will allow you to maintain a high
standard of oral hygiene, reducing the number of problems due to dental
decay and gum disease and associated costs involved in treating these
Plaque forms on the teeth on a daily basis consisting of a collection of
bacteria, which when left to build up, is the number one cause of gum
disease. Prevention is better than cure therefore it is the best way to
maintain excellent oral hygiene to prevent the accumulation of plaque in the
You can now book directly to see the hygienist for tooth cleaning and stain
removal etc. At the appointment she will:
Carry out an assessment of the gums
Listen to your concerns
Remove plaque, tarter or stains
Provide individually tailored advice to maximize your oral hygiene at
Topical and/or local anaesthetic are offered if necessary to ensure a
comfortable experience.
Gum disease remains the biggest cause of premature tooth loss in the UK.
Our aim is therefore to get you to reduce plaque levels to the bare minimum.
It has been established that there is a link between gum disease and
increased risk of a number of medical condition. There is an increased
incidence of chronic heart disease, Diabetes and premature loss of babies.
This again illustrates the relationship between Dentistry and the rest of the
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