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ALS Monitoring and
Analysis System
IATI MNC 3rd Weekathon Demo
Igor Shishkin, Moshe Taieb, Ran Mizrachi,
Limor Lahiani, Nir Levy, Lilach Tesler and Hezi Shahmon
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
● Neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in
the brain and the spinal cord.
● Targets and kills motor neurons.
● Paralyzing and eventually leading to death.
ALS Research
● No cure to the disease.
● A Single drugs that prolong the patient life by several
● Variable disease
● There is not enough data for scientific research
Project Goals
Introduce new ways for motoric data collection:
● Rough motoric data collection
Using IMU sensors located on the smartphone, shoes and others located
around the waist or chest.
The wearable sensors are connected wirelessly (BLE) to the patient
● Stored in the cloud for analysis and research
● Web UI for patient data visualisation
The wearable IMU Sensor
For ALS Monitoring System
Today’s Medical Monitoring
● Patients are asked to answer a questionnaire.
● Doctors diagnose physical stage by observation and
questioning: does not reflect the objective status of the
Measurable KPIs
● We assume that each KPI is weekly. More granular
KPIs can be obtained but are left for further research
● Measured KPIs
Covered distance / movement - measured in the phone
Number of falls - measured by the chest sensor
Number of weekly leg steps - measured by the leg sensor
Average leg movement vector - measured by the leg sensor
Average leg polar angle - measured by the leg sensor
Average azimuthal leg angle - measured by the leg sensor
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IATI Weakaton
SAP and Prize4Life have developed a System with a
smartphone APP that allows the patients to:
● Answer questions about his/her situation
● Test delicate motor capabilities
● Record speech for offline analysis