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Unit 7 – Complex Numbers
Use this sheet to record a summary of each lesson and as a log of homework assignments that
you’ve completed. Homework will be collected at random throughout the unit!
Learning Target
1. I can simplify the square root of a
negative value using the imaginary
i  1 .
2. I can find the complex solutions
to a quadratic equation with real
coefficients by completing the
3. I can find the complex solutions to
a quadratic equation with real
coefficients by using the quadratic
4. I can distinguish between the
solutions to a quadratic equation and
the roots (x-intercepts) of its related
5. I can apply the Fundamental
Theorem of Algebra to describe the
number of complex roots for various
6. I can write a quadratic function in
factored form using complex
7. I can write a quadratic function in
standard form given its complex
roots and an additional point.
8. I can describe the set of complex
numbers and its relation to the real
and imaginary numbers.
9. I can represent complex
numbers as points in the complex
10. I can determine the modulus
and conjugate of a complex number.
11. I can add and subtract complex
12. I can represent the addition,
subtraction, and conjugation of
complex numbers geometrically on
the complex plane.
13. I can multiply complex numbers
and simplify the product.
14. I can use the concept of a
conjugate to divide complex
Writing equations given complex roots (weekly assignment)