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Vth International Scientific Conference
Investigation of mass fatality incidents of terrorist nature and disaster victim
26 -27 April 2017 at the Exhibition and Convention Centre,
MTG S.A. Gdańsk International Fair Co.
On 26 – 27 April 2017, the fifth edition of international scientific conference ”Crime
Scene” organized by Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police is going to take place. The
event is to be held during The International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police
and National Security Services “Europoltech” in Gdańsk.
The growing threat of terrorist attack and other disasters forces the security agencies
to verify and update the guidelines and legal regulations concerning functions of forensic
experts working in teams for crime scene investigation as part of forensic inspection of the
site of a Mass Fatality Incident. The primary goal of the conference is to open up an
exchange of experiences, best practices and legal regulations among Polish and foreign
experts. One of the topics of discussion include the coordination of duties in the field of
disaster victims identification – the international guidelines elaborated by Interpol.
The guidelines are in power in significant number of countries worldwide. It is crucial
to unify the procedures especially in context of incidents of multi-national victims; a reliable
and efficient victim identification calls for cooperation of services of various competences.
The technical input provided by international experts who have been invited to participate in
the Conference may be implemented for elaboration of a professional Polish DVI group
consisting of qualified experts and representatives of various agencies.
Wednesday 26th April
Disaster Victim Identification
The first day of the conference is devoted to discussion on legal regulations and other
guidelines effective in Poland and in other countries in the field of disaster victim
identification, which will open up an for exchange of experiences among representatives of
various services all over the world such as foreign DVI groups and Interpol.
The scheduled sessions will address disaster victim identification in accordance with
DVI standard as well as the employment of New Generation Sequencing method in forensic
genetics. As in the previous Crime Scene Conferences, a comparative mock crime-scene
investigation conducted by representatives of two countries will illustrate the discussed
Thursday 27th April
International and national cooperation of services
Cooperation and joint actions of national security services of various competences at the
crime scene of Mass Fatality Incident is a fundamental matter for conducting the inspection
of the incident site in a professional manner. The second day of the conference is devoted to
the exchange of experiences and best practices within this area and the possibility of its
implementation in Polish legal conditions. Strengthening the international cooperation is a
key aspect in the process of development of the uniform operation methodology for forensic
experts working in teams in crime scene investigation. We will put special emphasis on the
competences of the agencies: Public Prosecutor's Office, Government Centre for Security,
National Board for Rail Accidents and Inspection for Environmental Protection. Other topics
to be covered include the role of CSI team leader, their duties on the disaster site as well as
their coordination of the action of entities taking part in the investigation, in Poland (the
prosecutor) and worldwide.