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Graphene is allotrope of carbon,whose structure is one – atom thick planar
sheets of sp2 bonded carbon atoms,tightly packed 2-dimensional honey comb
lattice.It is a basic building block for graphite material of all other
dimenisonalities including graphite charcoal,carbon nano-tubes,fullerences
This discovery of explaining properties of explaining properties of grapheme
leads university of Manchester scientists were awarded 2010 NOBEL PRIZE.A
one-atom thick film of carbon whose strength,flexibility and electrical
conductivity opened news orizins in physics research as well as in high-tech
Graphene is one of the strongest,lightest and most conductive materialsa
known to human-kind.It is highly transport.
Graphene’s properties are attractive to materials .Scientists and electrical
engineers made it possible to build circuits that are smaller and faster than
It is applied in various technological application; included in super-small
transistors, super dense data storage, energy storage to create ultra capacitors
to store ,energy storage to create ultra capacitors to store and transmit
electrical power; In optical devices;mainly solar cells and in flexible touch
screens. More over it is used in high –energy particle physics to study quantum
¼ chemical