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Are you in need of $Cash$ ??
IBE Announces a New Member Enrollment Incentive Program.
IBE would like to help you earn extra cash in your spare time.
This is a Win, Win, Win, Opportunity!!!
a)You WIN by helping to Build and Grow a Business!
b)You WIN by Building and Growing your Cash Reserves!
c)The IBE Barter Community Wins by Expanding the Growth of the IBE
When you Enroll a NEW Prospective Business into the IBE Barter
Community you will earn 50% of the IBE Membership
Enrollment Investment of $495.00.
It's as easy as 1.2.3.
1. Enroll a Qualified Business that is looking to Build & Grow their
2. Help them complete the IBE Application & W-9 & send it to the IBE Office
with the $495.00.
3. Upon approval of the IBE Application, we will send you a check for
As IBE Grows…So Grows Your Business!