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Employers Meeting
Bournemouth and Poole College
10th February 2011
T: 0845 643 9001
T: 0845 643 9001
‘The Semta Group help UK businesses achieve global
competitiveness by improving skills’
• The right person
• The right skills
• The right time
T: 0845 643 9001
Changes to the South West
T: 0845 643 9001
Spending Review
In the South West:
Capital investment programmes in the South West will “concentrate new
investment on infrastructure underpinning economic growth:
Yeovil - £32 million support for Augusta Westland civil rotorcraft design &
Works to the M4/M5 – to relieve congestion and improve journey time
reliability by hard shoulder running and variable speed limits north of Bristol
Weymouth 2012 package – delivering an integrated transport package in
time for the Olympics
The Poole Bridge construction
T: 0845 643 9001
National Composite Centre
National Composite Centre (NCC) – bringing together companies and academics
to develop new technologies for design and rapid manufacture of advanced
• Being built at SPark - Bristol and Bath Science Park – 8500sq m centre £25m investment
• Planned opening Summer 2011
 Facilities – Workshop Space
 Dedicated Composite research areas
 Teaching facilities
 Open innovation environment enabling Knowledge and Technology
 Cost effective access for collaborative or private work
 Strong links with Universities
 Membership opportunities exist for small , medium and large employers
T: 0845 643 9001
Spending Review - UPDATE
A new industry-led group has been created to ensure that high value skills in
the defence sector can be effectively redeployed as a result of the Spending
The Skills and Jobs Retention Group will be chaired by Allan Cook, current
chairman of SEMTA
The remit will be to explore how skilled workers can be retained in the
advanced manufacturing sector, by working with industry to redeploy affected
employees to other sectors.
The group will comprise of a small team of senior industrialists with experience
in defence, advanced engineering and manufacturing.
T: 0845 643 9001
Local Enterprise Partnerships
To provide the strategic leadership in their area and set out local economic
priorities and
play a pivotal role in helping rebalance the economy towards the private sector.
To create the right environment for business and growth - tackling issues such as:
• planning and housing
• local transport and infrastructure priorities
• employment and enterprise
• the transition to the low carbon economy
That business and civic leaders work together - an equal representation on the
boards and chaired by a prominent business leader
To reflect the functional economic area
T: 0845 643 9001
Local Enterprise Partnership applications from the South West:
Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Swindon
West of England
Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole
Devon, Torbay & Plymouth
East Devon and South Somerset
Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly
T: 0845 643 9001
South West Activity
Employer engagement – including joint activity with other agencies
Provided specific advice and guidance – example - new Apprenticeship
• Articles in the next Semta Matters linked to the South West
• Attendance at:
Plymouth Manufacturing Group
Gloucestershire Engineering Employers
Babcock (Appledore) Learning Centre
South Gloucestershire Economic Network
TUC Skills for the Future
Exhibitions/ conferences – examples - Southampton Boat show & Mach 2010
Engineering Awarding Organisations – Forum meetings
Electric Vehicle National Occupational Standards - Steering Group
• Presentation / Input:
South West STEM Conference
Marine Energy consultation with the RDA
Low Carbon alliance
• Representation:
West of England LEP – Advanced Manufacturing and Bioscience consultation
Careers events
T: 0845 643 9001
Percentage of Visits by Sector
Total % ofVisits by Sector in South West
T: 0845 643 9001
Semta support for the Composites workforce
Semta have recently taken responsibility for the composites workforce to
address the UK’s skills needs
New Composite Sector Strategy Group (SSG) established
Chaired by Ken Wappat, Chairman of the National Composites Network
Includes over 30 employers from the aerospace, automotive, marine and
composite materials manufacturing sectors, plus other stakeholders
including Cogent SSC
The group’s main priority will be to lead on the development of the skills and
capacity of the current and future composites workforce. It will work
together to secure the delivery of necessary skills through a network of
training providers approved by the national skills academies
T: 0845 643 9001
Review of Composite NOS and Qualifications
NOS are the fundamental building block for the design and
development of vocational qualifications
40 suites of sector specific/sector wide NOS including the Marine
Over 2000 NOS, developed with employers
One to one relationship with NVQs and SVQ units across all Awarding
Highest levels of take up of N/SVQs since we started to collect
registration and certification data in 1997
T: 0845 643 9001
SSG Action Plan
Review of Composite NOS
and Qualifications
Semta/Cogent to map their existing suites of NOS to identify
overlaps/duplication and sectoral differences
Produce NOS and carry out a consultation with Semta/Cogent employers to
ensure that the proposed NOS are fit for purpose and up to date (technical
Semta/Cogent map current NOS/VQ provision (competences and knowledge) to
available LMI report, occupational/functional maps and demand priorities for
Semta/Cogent produce a NOS/ VQ Development Plan in partnership with
employers, Awarding Organisations and 4 Nation Qualification Regulators
T: 0845 643 9001
Review of Composite NOS
and Qualifications
Proposed draft NOS titles agreed by the Composite SSG
Producing composite components/mouldings using Wet lay up techniques
Producing composite components/mouldings using Pre-preg lamination techniques
Producing composite components/mouldings using Resin Infusion techniques
Producing composite components/mouldings using Acrylic Moulding
Producing composite components/mouldings using Vacuum Forming
Trimming composite components/mouldings using hand tools
Identifying defects in composite components/mouldings
Carrying out repairs to composite components/mouldings
Applying surface finishes to composite components/mouldings
Bonding composite components/mouldings
Producing composite assemblies
NOS for NDT and automated processes being considered
T: 0845 643 9001
T: 0845 643 9001
T: 0845 643 9001
Paul A. Morgan
Semta Business Partner – England South
Wynyard Park House
TS22 5TB
Mobile No. 0787 2376221
E-mail [email protected]
T: 0845 643 9001
[email protected]
Customer Services Telephone - 0845 643
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