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Examples of Print Sources
Once you have evaluated your source, be sure you have identified as many of the following
elements as possible to include (in this order) in your annotated bibliography and/or works cited
9 Name of the author or editor if author’s name is unknown (last name first)
9 Title of the source (if an article, the title of the article in quotation marks followed by
the italicized title of the larger source in which that article is printed)
o include volume number or edition where applicable
9 City of publication (Add the abbreviation for the state only if the city is obscure.)
9 Publisher
9 Year of publication
9 Page numbers, if the source is a shorter work published within a larger work
9 The word “Print”
Once you have found those elements, or as many as possible, look at the examples below to see
how the elements appear in an actual citation.
Book with one author:
Weir, Alison. Henry VIII: the King and His Court. New York: Ballantine Books, 2001.
Book with two or more authors:
Manley, Seon and Susan Belcher. O, Those Extraordinary Women! Or the Joys of Literary
Lib. New York: Chilton Book Company, 1972. Print.
Book with an author and editor:
Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Eds. Barbara Mowat and Paul
Werstine. New York: Washington Square Press, 1992. Print.
Book with an editor but no author:
Gordon, Andrew, ed. Postwar Japan as History. Berkeley, CA: University of California
Press, 1993. Print.
Book with an edition:
Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 6th ed. New York: MLA,
2003. Print.
Article in a reference book, chapter in a book, or a work in an anthology:
Lemarchand, René. “Burundi.” Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara. Ed. John
Middleton. Vol. I. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1997. 211-215. Print.
“Inquietude.” The Oxford English Dictionary. Vol. V. London: Oxford UP, 1961. Print.
Encyclopedia article (signed):
Mather, A. S. “Scotland.” World Book Encyclopedia. 2000 ed. Print.
Encyclopedia article (unsigned):
“Scaramouche.” The New Encyclopedia Britannica. Micropedia. 15th ed. 1998. Print.
Magazine (periodical) article (signed):
Shurkin, Joel N. “Eating to Live Longer.” Health Apr. 2004: 132-136. Print.
Multi-volume set of books (with distinct volume titles within the set):
Macksey, Richard. “Francis Ford Coppola.” American Screen-writers. Ed. Randall Clark.
Detroit: Gale, 1986. Vol. 44 of The Dictionary of Literary Biography. Print.
Multi-volume set of books (with a general title and volume number):
“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” Novels for Students. Ed. Diane Telgin. Vol.1.
Detroit: Gale, 1997. 1-21. Print.
Newspaper (periodical) article:
Miller, Marc and Donald Kennedy. “Saving the Galapagos.” New York Times 12 Oct. 1995:
A23. Print.
Reprinted article:
Tillyard, E. M. W. “The First Tetralogy: ‘Richard III.’” Shakespeare’s History Plays. 1944:
198-214. Rpt. in Shakespearean Criticism. Ed. Mark W. Scott. Vol. 8 Detroit: Gale,
1989. 193-197. Print.
Scholarly journal (continuous pagination from issue to issue through each volume):
Manley, Lawrence. “From Strange’s Men to Pembroke’s Men: 2 Henry VI and The First
Part of the Contention.” Shakespeare Quarterly. 54.3(Fall 2003): 253-287. Print.