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Worksheet on Skeletal System
1. List at least three functions of the skeletal system.
2. Name & give two example of each the four classifications of bones.
3. What is the relationship between muscle function and bones?
4. Where are the long bones found in the body? What is the longest bone?
5. Identify the MAJOR anatomical areas of a long bone (epiphysis, diaphysis, periosteum,
articular cartilage, spongy bone, compact bone, medullary cavity)
6. Johnny was vigorously exercising the only joints in the skull that are freely movable.
What would you guess he was doing?
7. What are the five major regions of the vertebral column and state their curvature?.
8. Differentiate between a true rib and a false rib.
9. What bones form the skeletal of the arm?
10. Name three MAJOR categories of joints, and compare the amount of movement allowed
by each.
11. What are the four identifying features of a SYNOVIAL JOINT - WHY??
12. Identify the three MAJOR connective tissue types in the body found in the SKELETAL
SYSTEM – state their EXTRACELLULAR matrix.
13. dentify the following joints as either FIBROUS, CARTILAGINOUS, or SYNOVIAL:
(more than one may apply)
_______________ A. All bones of the SKULL.
_______________B. Vertebrae to Vertebrae joint
_______________ C. Temporalis connected to the parietal bone
_______________ D. Synarthrotic joints
_______________ E. No Joint Cavity
_______________F. Elbow and Knee joint
Most movable
Ribs to sternum