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Module 3 – Social Business Models
1. According to Peter Drucker, a business model is the answer to all of the following
questions EXCEPT:
a. Who is your customer?
b. What is the customer’s ideal solution to their problem?
c. What does the customer value?
d. How do you deliver value at an appropriate cost?
2. Your customers may be:
a. Your beneficiaries – the people with the problem you are trying to solve.
b. A market of people buying your product or service, revenue from which will fund
your social goals
c. Businesses who employ the people whose problem you are trying to solve
d. All of the above
3. Which type of social business model is one in which the enterprise sells a product or
service to a market that otherwise would not have access to that product or service due
to price, distribution, or other factors?
a. Fee for service model
b. Low-income client as service model
c. Market intermediary model
d. Service subsidization model
4. Which type of social business model is one in which the enterprise connects small
businesses with a larger market for a fee?
a. Market linkage model
b. Market intermediary model
c. Fee for service model
d. Cooperative model
5. The key to implementing a successful social business model is:
a. Financial sustainability
b. Balance between creating social value and financial value
c. Solving the social problem for as many beneficiaries as possible
d. Communicating value to stakeholders
6. The key outcome of a successful social business model is:
a. Creating social value
b. Profitability
c. Long term financial sustainability
d. The creation of real value for all parties involved.