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Position Title: VP of Supply Chain
Position Reports To: President & C.E.O.
Position Summary: The Vice President of Supply Chain will have responsibility for procurement, logistics, agricultural
operations, planning and scheduling, and inventory control.
This individual will:
 Be responsible for the development and communication of the supply chain in order to drive high customer
service while optimizing inventory levels.
 Oversee the supply chain budget and operating performance, along with key service, quality and cost metrics
and focus on continuous improvement programs.
 Provide strategic cross-functional collaboration with Sales, Operations, Quality and Customer Service to ensure
team alignment and execute strategic planning initiatives.
 Be highly “process driven” and continuously improve the supply chain and manage complex customer needs
 Benchmark and work to understand similar environments in order to implement best practices to continue to
transform Furmano’s into a world-class enterprise
Duties and Responsibilities:
Key supply chain functions include:
 Oversee Procurement, which will work with Planning and Scheduling to ensure the required raw products and
materials needed by operations and labeling are available at the most cost effective price to meet customer
demand and quality standards.
 Oversee Ag operations, which is responsible for contracting, growing and harvesting of the fresh vegetables
needed to meet the company’s manufacturing needs allowing for optimum quality, efficiency and maximum
 Maintain working knowledge of key markets, commodities and inputs, and establish indicator metrics to identify
price movements
 Develop strong relationships with key suppliers
 Lead key contract/pricing negotiations
 Identify strategic sourcing alliances
 Oversees Logistics, which manages the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption
in the most efficient and cost effective manner to meet the requirements of customers. This includes all
inbound, intercompany, and outbound material movement.
o Inbound is responsible for coordinating the transfer of raw products and materials from suppliers to
operations, where and when they are needed, for production and labeling.
o Intercompany is responsible for coordinating all in-house inventory movement, warehouse utilization
and outside warehousing.
o Outbound is responsible for arranging and delivering desired quantity of finished goods to the
customers on-time.
 Oversees the J.W. Transportation Operation, which includes the motor vehicles, equipment, drivers and garage
 Identify the most efficient and cost effective methods to move inventory throughout the supply chain
o truck vs. rail, Furmano fleet vs. 3rd party logistics companies
 Identify strategic alliances to meet our logistical needs
Planning and Scheduling:
 Oversee Planning and Scheduling, which will work with demand planning and customer service to schedule
production and labeling to meet customer requirements, as well as coordinate with procurement and logistics to
supply the inputs required to meet the schedule.
 Oversee Inventory Control, which will focus on improving our cash position by efficiently managing inventory,
while still maintaining our high standards of customer service.
 Ensure every step of the process is functioning effectively to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities.
 Champion the S&OP process
Skills / Abilities:
 Experience in Strategic Planning and Execution
 Leadership in change management
 Expertise in contracting and negotiating
 Risk Management
 Analytical and problem solving skills
 Professional written and verbal communication
 Strong interpersonal skills
 Ability to build, develop and motivate teams
 Cross-functional collaboration
 Strong project management abilities
 Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings
 Internally driven and motivated
 Strong Knowledge of vegetable crop production
 Strong Knowledge of transportation functions
 Strong knowledge of the competitive environment
 Customer focused
 Continuous improvement focused
Education / Qualifications:
 Bachelor’s degree in Business Logistics/ Engineering/Supply Chain/Agriculture or related field
 Preferred Master’s Degree in Business, Finance, Engineering, or Supply Chain Management
 Knowledge of six sigma and lean concepts
 Minimum of 15 years of broad-based supply chain experience
This individual must have experience leading various aspects throughout the supply chain. He/She should be
highly “process-driven” and understand general best practices in similar environments and have worked in a
diverse, high-volume product environment. The right candidate will have demonstrated the ability to
continuously improve a supply chain and manage complex customer needs. The successful candidate will have
effectively managed logistics throughout the United States, preferably including North/South and East/West
This role will require someone who is a leader and mentor capable of building, managing and developing an
outstanding performance-oriented team. Strong communications skills, drive, energy level, and problem-solving
abilities will be critical for the success of this individual. The ability to work across all disciplines and throughout
all levels of the organization in a persuasive and credible manner is a must. He/she will have the ability to work
effectively with other executives in a team environment toward common goals and objectives. This includes
having a track record of building a strong, collaborative working relationship with operations, as well as
interacting with areas outside of supply chain such as marketing, product development and finance.