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Batool alsowaiq
Shikah al shykh
General Information about
 The full name of Germany.
 Official language and currency.
 Location.
 Area and population.
 The capital city.
The weather
The winter season is mild and
the summer tends to cold.
Health and medical care
Germany is considered
the best in the world in
terms of health and
medical care.
The Federation of
German football is
called in short DFB
and that means
Deutscher FußballBund.
German cuisine varies from region to region.
Southern parts of the country, such as Bavaria and
Swabia cuisine closer to the Austrian and Swiss
Beef, pork and chicken are the
most consumed meat in the
kitchen and the German pork is
the most popular In the majority
of areas..
 eaten in the form of sausage meat, so there are more
than 1,500 kind of sausages produced in Germany
Present in the celebrations and special
events, cheese and cold meat, mainly
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