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Perawatan multidisiplin pada kasus ortodonsi rumit
Author :
Ratna Arifzan
Abstract :
The goal of orthodontic treatment isot only to develop to technical expertise, but also have to
manage the optimum and well coordinated multidiscipline sciences existed in Dentistry. This
case-report shows two cases of two adult female patients with prognatic concave profiles
include anterior and posterior cross bites. One has severe multilated posterior teeth and
anterior multiple diastemas, diagnosed as class I angel malocclusion and the other case
diagnosed as class III malocclusion with upper and lower arch crowding. Both patients were
treated with fixed orthodontic appliances. To achieve a good results for the good functional
balance and better facial appearance for both patients, restorative treatment and periodontic
therapy were implemented. Orthognatic surgery was included on series of the treatments for
the patient with severe class III malocclusion. Team-work in orthodontics with other disciplines
should be extremely considered important for the well-being of the patients especially patients
with complicated conditions.<br><br>