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Maslow Theory – Bhaw and Binta
The Maslow theory consists of 5 different stages, which are arranged from least important to most. The 5
different stages include; Self- actualization, esteem, love and belonging, safety and lastly physiological.
Maslow does not only apply to any business but also can apply to your day to day routine, your life with
your friends and also in an organization such as your school.
Self-actualization: Self-actualization refers to one noticing their full potential and realization for that
potential. Having the desire to accomplish everything and accomplishing it the best you can also refers to
self-actualization. A good Maslow had said was “A musician must make music, and artist must paint, a
poet must write, if he is to be ultimately happy, what a man can be, he must”. To reach full stratification
in the work force, the employee must realize where he or she stands and work further from there.
Esteem: Esteems includes both self-esteem and esteem of others. Esteem of others involve the feelings
that other people respect and appreciate the people they are working with. Once the person has satisfied
his or her basic needs and concerns about worthiness only then can they contribute to the success of the
business or corporation they work for. When the focus becomes not just about surviving, but doing
meaningful communal standards you are beginning to understand esteem.
Love/Belonging (social needs): Having a sense of love and belonging in the work place is what contribute
to the companies’ values and success. For exampling having an open approach to communication keeps
everybody focused on that company’s aim which once again helps individuals contribute to the value and
success of the company. Needs for love and belongingness emerge. These needs include longings for an
intimate relationship with another person as well as the need to belong to a group and to feel accepted
by them. Maslow emphasized that these needs involve both giving and receiving love.
Social needs: These are associated with feeling of belonging.
Safety: Safety and security needs expand into 4 different sub-heading. These sub-headings are personal
security, financial security, health and well-being and lastly safety against accidental illness and their
adverse impacts. Some example safety needs are physical security which is such things like safety from
violence, delinquency aggression, security of employment, security of revenues and resources, moral and
physiological security, family security, security of health, and lastly security of personal property against
Physiological: The last and most important is physical requirements for the human survival, this need
should be met first. Basic factors of this need is air, water, good and protection from the elements and
metabolic requirements. Meeting the needs to employee needs to work in a better environment can only
create higher productivity. For example if you work in hot environment, for your employers to work you
must provide them cool work stations so they do not “die” of heat. Rollstar, which is company that
produces car parents provide their employees with cool treats to get through the day like freezes and ice
cream. Considering the company has very hot working condition, to their best ability the provide way to
cool off.
Maslow Theory
5. Self- actualization
Esteem needs
Social needs
Safety needs
Physiological needs
Business examples
Opportunities for creativity and person growth, promotion
Fancy job titles, recognition of achievements
Good team atmosphere, friendly supervision
Safe working, conditions, job security
Salary, decent working environment
Maslow Theory – Bhaw and Binta