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Traditional Finnish Midsummer
Helsinki 23.6.2006
The Seurasaari Midsummer festivities include traditional finnish midsummer customs, folk dancing
and music. On Midsummer Eve there is a wedding at which the bridal couple dance a wedding
waltz and the Midsummer Eve culminates in the lighting of the bonfires built according to the
various provincial traditions. The Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires is an event for the hole family.
The Midsummer eve 23.6. at 18-01 Seurasaari
Roadside program at 18-21
Lumberjacks, handicrafts demonstrations, folk dance and music, theatre for children (theatre
Helmi), swing ground
The Festival Ground at 19-21
Folk dance and music, prosession of flags, theatre play (Lemin nuorisoseura), children´s
Midsummer polonaise, the Midsummer wedding couple and the wedding waltz
The Bonfire shore at 21-22
Children´s bonfire lights at 19.40, lighting of the bonfires built according to the various provincial
traditions, the main bonfire at 22.00, folk music and singing together
The Festival Ground at 22.15-01
Midsummer dances
Tickets: 12 e, under 12 free when accompanied by an adult, the bus number 24 (ErottajaSeurasaari)
Welcome to celebrate the Midsummer to Seurasaari!
Other events during Midsummer Week:
Monday 19.6. at 18 Esplanad Park
The Midsummer Pole event, folk dance and music
Wednesday 21.6. at 17-19 Esplanad Park
Finnish Folk Dance Performances
The Midsummer Day 24.6. Seurasaari
Traditional service at Karuna church at 13.00
Traditional plays and dances on the Antti Grounds at 14.30-16.30
Free entrance
Seurasaarisäätiö, Tamminiementie 1, 00250 Helsinki. Tel. +358 (0)9 484 511, +358 (0)9 484 234,
e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]