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Technology and Hotel Security
Hotel Mgmt.
Hospitality Services
R. McCann
Biometric Identification
Biometric Identification
Verification by any means through which a
person can be identified
• Eyes
• Fingerprints
• Voice recognition
Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor
Use of multiple technologies to determine and
indicate motion in an area.
Video Surveillance system
Video Surveillance System
• Video cameras used to observe an area, often
connected to a IP address or a recording
device, the feed may be watched real-time or
at a later time
Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector
A fire protection device that automatically
detects the presence of smoke and gives
Flood Detector
Typically remote sensors that are placed on
floors or basements that provide warnings for
potential flood situations.
Flood Detector
Fire sprinkler system
An active fire protection system that is
connected to a water supply. The sensors are
triggered by high heat, not smoke, one sensor at
a time.
Fire Sprinkler System
Two-way radio
A radio system that individual components can
both transmit and receive
Two-Way Radio