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Real Estate Economics – 5th Edition - by Huber, Messick, and Pivar
Chapter 9 Quiz
Copyright January 2011, Textbook Company
1. What percent of Americans owned their own homes coming out of the depression in
a. 45.2%
b. 43.6%
c. 70.3%
d. 51.7%
2. Who authored, “Essays In Urban Land Economics?”
a. Henry Maisel
b. Sherman Kaufman
c. Kenneth Leventhal
d. Sherman Maisel
3. The number of times inventory of housing is sold within a year is known as:
a. housing turnover.
b. housing rollover.
c. house flipping.
d. none of the above.
4. Sellers who are not strongly motivated to sell but will sell at a particular price are
known as:
a. possible sellers.
b. opportunistic sellers.
c. will sell sellers.
d. both a & c.
5. Which two factors are directly related to how long it takes to sell a property?
a. List price and the mortgage
b. List price and the market value
c. Property value and the market price
d. Listing agreement and the market value
6. Selling a home costs approximately what percent of its value in direct costs?
a. 10%
b. 12%
c. 5%
d. 15%
7. Real estate auctions have been a common marketing tool in which country?
a. Ireland
b. Australia
c. England
d. All of the above
8. People from which of the following countries has the highest percentage of U.S.
home ownership?
a. China
b. India
c. U.K.
d. Canada
9. Landlords in the rental market compete by offering tenants:
a. more square footage.
b. no credit check occupancy.
c. amenities.
d. leniency of rent payments.
10. In the lending market, what does LTV stand for?
a. Loan to value
b. Less than value
c. Lots of value
d. Loan to variable
Real Estate Economics – 5th Edition - by Huber, Messick, and Pivar
Chapter 9 Quiz Answers
Copyright January 2011, Educational Textbook Company
1. b (p293)
2. d (p294)
3. a (p295)
4. c (p297)
5. b (p297)
6. a (p300)
7. d (p307)
8. d (p311)
9. c (p303)
10. a (p318)