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Specification Number: 26 23 00.10
SECTION 26 23 00.10
[ ] Indicates an option or a selection is to be made for quantity or applicability.
A. This specification and associated drawings describe Square D Power-Zone III Series 2 low voltage
drawout switchgear assembly constructed to ANSI C37.20.1 standards. Low voltage drawout power
circuit breakers, Square D type DSII, are described in Section 16410-5 - Low Voltage Drawout Power
Circuit Breakers.
A. ANSI C37.20.1 - Metal-Enclosed Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear.
B. ANSI C37.51 - Testing of Metal-Enclosed Low Voltage AC Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear
D. [UL-1558]
A. The assembly is to be designed for use on a ______ volt [single] [3] phase, ________ wire [50] [60]
Hz. system, with ________ amperes symmetrical fault current available.
B. Equipment is to be complete from the incoming line connections to the outgoing feeder connections.
C. Any items not specifically mentioned but obviously necessary for proper operation are implied in this
A. Computer generated elevation and one-line diagrams shall be generated and submitted for [record]
B. [Detailed wiring diagrams, computer generated, shall be supplied at time of equipment delivery].
A. [Equipment shall be equipped with [service entrance label] [and] [UL1558 label for metal-enclosed
low voltage power circuit breaker type switchgear assemblies] when UL recognized components are
A. Metal-Enclosed Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Switchgear shall be Power-Zone III, Series 2,
with type DSII circuit breakers as supplied by the Square D Company. Specify cost additions or
deletions for equipment supplied by any other approved manufacturer.
A. Enclosure
1. Finish shall be medium gray ANSI #49, electro-deposited catalytic urethane paint applied over a
rust inhibiting phosphate primer.
2. The enclosure and internal barriers shall be fabricated of steel members in accordance with NEMA
and ANSI standards. Steel lifting straps are to be provided with each shipping group to lift the
structure from top with a crane. Supply a wooden skid to permit the use of pipe rollers for moving
the switchgear to its final location in the building.
3. All vertical sections shall be bolted together. Ventilation openings on the front of the switchgear
are to be located in such a way as to preclude the possibility of metal objects being inserted
through them and easily contacting energized parts. To barrier operator from escaping gases
during an interruption, breakers shall be supplied with a steel front plate.
4. The equipment shall be assembled, adjusted and tested at the factory and shall be sectionalized, if
required, for shipping as requested or approved. The largest section is not to exceed ______ inches
deep, and ______ wide to enable installation at the job site.
The structure is to consist of three basic compartments from front to rear; the front breaker
compartment, the center bus compartment, and the rear cable compartment.
a. Front Breaker Compartment
1) The front breaker compartment is to contain the drawout circuit breaker elements, each
mounted in its own barriered cell. Active or future use cells shall be equipped to accept
circuit breaker and contain drawout mechanism and all current carrying parts. Provide
each breaker cell with a hinged door equipped with a flush handle and an external trip
button. When equipped with a breaker, a double barrier shall exist between operating
personnel, the breaker mechanism and live parts. Thus, the breaker can be operated with
outer steel door open.
2) Breakers of like frame sizes shall be interchangeable as standard. No special structure
bracing shall be required.
3) If breaker protrudes through a hole in the circuit breaker compartment door, shutters shall
be provided to shield live parts when circuit breaker is out for service. Also, a steel plate
shall be provided for opening in the circuit breaker compartment door to preclude the
possibility of foreign objects entering the breaker cell when breaker is removed.
b. Center Bus Compartment
1) The bus compartment is to contain the section riser and main cross bus which is to be
rated for a 65° C temperature rise per ANSI standards and as demonstrated by design
tests. The main cross bus shall be rated for [2000] [3200] [4000] [5000] continuous
amperes. All main and riser bus shall be bolted copper. [Bus shall be fully silver plated its
entire length, as standard.] [Bus shall be optionally tin plated to provide corrosion
resistance in environments that have a high concentration of corrosive agents.] All bus
shall be adequately braced to withstand mechanical forces exerted during a short circuit
of [65] [100] [150] [200]k amperes rms symmetrical. All contact surfaces at bolted joints
shall be fully plated and the joint bolts are to be of high strength grade 5 steel equipped
with Belleville type spring washers. Riser bus shall meet industry standard phase-tophase clearance without the use of insulated/isolated bus. All electrical clearances are to
be for 600 VAC.
2) [An isolated neutral bus is to be supplied rated at [50] [100] percent of the phase current.]
c. Rear Cable Compartment
1) Size the cable compartment to accommodate all incoming and outgoing cable required
within each vertical switchgear section. Cable lugs are to be mounted on the [load side]
[line side] run-back bus which is extended into this compartment from the bus
compartment. Run-back bus for main or feeder breakers to be insulated from the section
riser and cross bus. The compartment shall also contain a copper ground bus bolted
directly to the switchgear frame.
2) [Extend a neutral run-back into the cable compartment in each main breaker section for
connecting the neutral to the ground bus with a removable isolating link.]
3) [Compression type cable lugs suitable for use with [aluminum] [copper] cable are to be
supplied as shown on the plans.]
4) [The center bus compartment containing the section riser bus and main cross bus shall be
segregated from the rear cable compartment by means of grounded metal barriers. Using
plastic covers over bus in lieu of rear barriers is not acceptable.]
B. Low Voltage Drawout Power Circuit Breakers
1. Low voltage power circuit breakers shall be Square D type "DSII" as described in Section 16410-5
- Low Voltage Drawout Power Circuit Breakers.
C. [Metering Components]
1. [Main Bus]
a. Power Logic Instrumentation, metering and control system, including the Power Logic
Digitrip 810D trip unit (consult Square D field office or Power Logic headquarters).
b. Current transformers: (suitable ratio).
c. Potential transformers: (suitable ratio).
2. [Feeder Circuits]
a. PowerLogic Instrumentation, including the Power Logic Digitrip 810D trip unit (consult
Square D field office or PowerLogic headquarters).
b. Current transformers: (Suitable ratio).
c. Ammeter: 2% Ammeter and 3-phase selector switch with OFF position. Mount on the "Fixed
Meter Panel" between circuit breaker compartments.
D. [Accessories]
1. Provide a portable testing and calibration device for the circuit breaker solid state trip unit.
2. Provide a top mounted traveling breaker lifting device.