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Big Picture
What can you do?
What is lawful?
What is moral?
What are the effects on others?
Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns
Learning Objectives
Know what laws exist to control how people behave with computers
Understand what is meant by ‘ethical’, ‘legal’, ‘cultural’, ‘environmental’, ‘privacy’ issues
Be able to identify stakeholders when issues arise
Discuss environmental and cultural implications
Compare open source and proprietary software
The Law
The Data Protection Act 1998
Computer Misuse Act 1990
Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988
Creative Commons Licensing
Freedom of Information Act 2000
You will be assigned roles to investigate each of the
laws using a case study
You will know what the law says and what the penalties
Questions you will be able to answer
In each of the case studies you will be able to:
• list the stakeholders
• discuss the impact on the stakeholders
When discussing impact you will be able to illustrate how
there may be:
• legal implications
• using the main points of law
• ethical issues even when the law is not broken
Questions you will be able to answer
When investigating environmental and cultural issues you will:
• be able to explain how computers have changed how we
• show that as well as being of benefit, computers have an
environmental cost
When discussing open source and proprietary software you will be able to:
• say what they are
• discuss how open source has an impact on computer systems
• compare when and how the different types are used
Starter Links
Computer Misuse Act:
Data Protection Act Principles:
Data Protection Act:
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act:
Freedom of Information Act:
Creative Commons Licensing:
These are posted in Show My Homework:
• As quizzes
• Designed to test your knowledge and understanding
• Preparing you for an end of module test