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Attachment 8
RFA# 15-04100252
Capital Restructuring Financing Program
Financial Proposal Requirements
Select One: ☐ Process A (DSRIP participant) or ☐ Process B (not a DSRIP Participant)
Applicant Name: Click here to enter text.
Project Name: Click here to enter text.
Applicant should respond to the content required in each section of the Financial Proposal
Requirements. Letter/number the narrative to correspond to each element in the order
Table of Contents
A. Project Funding and Match (15 Points)
B. Project Budget (5 Points)
 Project Expenses and Justification
 Project Fund Sources
C. Cost Effectiveness (5 Points)
D. Project Financial Viability and Applicant Long-Term (10 Points)
E. Demonstration of Significant Financial Need (10 Additional Points)
The forms must be completed to show all expenses and fund sources associated with the proposed
project. For each expenditure in the Project Budget, the Applicant must identify whether the
source of funding will be CRFP grant funding, in which case the expenditure must be an Eligible
Expenditure as set forth in RFA Section III, or Matching Funds. Total fund sources should equal
total expenses.
Note: Failure to utilize and submit the budget forms included in this RFA may result in
disqualification of your application.