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Cinderella Graphics
For this presentation you will see few of the
graphics as per application of Cinderella software
A Dynamic Geometry Program:
Exact Drawings
Exact Drawings
The Euler line of a triangle
Geometric Calculator
Dynamics of a three-bar linkage
Interactive Worksheets and Student Exercises
An exercise for students
An Environment for Physics Simulation:
 Virtual Physical Workbench
Demonstration of the conservation of energy
Exact Integrators
A sun/planet/moon system
Interaction with Geometry
Analysis of the velocity vector in a sun/planet system
Interaction with Scripting
A harmonic pendulum
Forces in equilibrium
A Programming Environment:
 Enhanced Drawing Output
A scripted "Pythagoras tree"
Programmatic Drawing
The Delaunay and Voronoi diagrams of a point set
Analysis of Mathematical Functions
Newton iteration to find a root of a function
Controlling the Behavior of Constructions
A demonstration of Pick's theorem
High-Level Functional Programming
Growing a plant in a view
Advanced Plotting
Cassinian ovals as waves
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