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International Guest Biographies
Titus De Voogdt
Geoffrey Burton
[email protected]
Sebastien Van Huffel
Johan de Smet
Koen Demeyere
Arsc director - Kopergietery
[email protected]
[email protected]
Suzana De Paula Soares
Burkina Faso
Alain Hema
Amazonas Network
Theatre DirectorTheatre Eclair
[email protected]
[email protected]
Paolinho Rocco x
Postgraduated in Philosophy by Unidai/SP. Acts as an actor and a playwright. Nowadays is part of Cia Dom Caixote. Author of a series of plays,
including “Far Away”, “How to dress penguins”, “Rhinos don’t miss anything nor anyone”, “M – Even Closer”, Here, you here”, “Little Clowns”,
being awarded on this last play as best author in the Theater Festival of
the city of São Paulo. Has been awarded twice in a row as best supporting
actor in the same Festival, in 2010 and 2011.
Actor and Playwright Cia Dom Caixote
[email protected]
Sabrina Caldini x
Actress, make up artist, and sound designer of Cia Dom Caixote since 2007.
Has presented several plays, including Birthday Party, by Harold Pinter;
Pererê – Searching for Saci, by Cia Dom Caixote, which was invited by Kijimuna Festa (Okinawa – Japan) in 2012 to participate in the fringe show;
Midsummer Night’s Dream, by W. Shakespeare, among others. Nowadays is
rehearsing the newest project of the Company, The Son of Luck, based on
a tale of the Grimms brothers.
Actress - Cia Dom Caixote
[email protected]
Guilherme Nasraui
Member of Dom Caixote Company, Guilherme Nasraui is an actor, director,
producer and screenwriter. He has acted in several plays in São Paulo and
Rio de Janeiro cities, as well as participated in many festivals all over Brazil, and received the Best Actor Award at the São Paulo City Theatre Festival in 2010. He has participated in soap operas and tv series on Globo TV
Network. In the cinema, besides acting in full-length films, written and
directed more than ten short movies, some of them were rewarded by
renowned national festivals.
Member- Cia Dom Qaixote
Luiz Felipe Petuxo x
Photographer, Light Designer and Director (Theater, Cinema and TV).
Founded Cia Dom Caixote in 2007. Has been engaged in projects that use a
theatrical language that can reach the whole family, from small children to
adults. Has directed more than 30 plays is his career, winning several prizes in Festivals throughout Brazil, including best performances for the young
audience, scenery, light designing, costume, etc. Nowadays is working on a
new play called: “The Boy Who Lost the Moon”, keeping his focus on working with a universal language, understood worldwide.
Founder - Cia Dom Caixote
[email protected]
Rose Bartolucci
Cia Dom Caixote
Since 2012, Rose Bertolucci is part of the cast of Sun Bin Company, having
theatrical experience for more than fifteen years. Acted in the children’s
play: "Life's Dream" in theaters during the months of January and February
of 2014; "The Parturião" by Luis Alberto de Abreu, directed by Luiz Felipe
Petuxo in 2013; "The lesson" by Ionesco, also in 2013; “Grandpa Fled from
home, winner of Best Play for Children in 2014. Nominated for best supporting actress award; acted in Anne Frank’s Diary, and in "The Son of
Fortune", in 2015. She participated in Workshops in Copenhagen and Berlin
during the theater festivals in April 2015. Rose has also starred in three
short films and is currently shooting a feature film.
Jeremy Boomer Stacey
Executive Director
International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY)
[email protected] / [email protected]
Executive Director-IPAY
[email protected]
Bebê de Soares x
Bebê de Soares, brazilian actress, choreographer, director is founder and
artistic director of Amazonas Network, a network established in 2002 in
Sao Paulo, Brazil, to encourage international exchanges in the area of theater for young audiences and dance.
Amazonas Network operates in several countries, mainly in Brazil, Germany, and from 2011 is based in Chile. Besides devising projects, organize, co
-productions, introducing partners with the aim of promoting quality theater for young audiences, advises several international festivals.
Actress, Choreographer and Director
[email protected]
In 2013 started the Canal Curumim, a collaboration with the Instituto Cultural da Dinamarca in Rio de JaneIro, a platform for exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and lasting cultural relations, promoting artistic
experience for children and youth audience.
Paulina Beltrán Henríquez
Directora de Gestión de proyectos y
productora—Fundación Teatromuseo
del Títere y el Payaso
[email protected]
Amante del mundo de los muñecos y títeres, el 2001 forma la compañía de
teatro El Faro, donde mezclan técnicas del clown y de muñecos, ha participado de diferentes festivales en Latinoamerica. Se ha desarrollado en
proyectos de formación y difusión de estas disciplinas, valorando el arte
como medio de mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas y la sociedad. El
año 2007 crea junto a su compañero Víctor Quiroga, el Teatromuseo del
títere y del Payaso, en la ciudad de Valparaíso, en la cual participan compañías de teatro infantil y juvenil todos los fines de semana. Es la productora de los festivales de Títeres ANIMATE, y festival de payasos Upa Chalupa, además de producir y asesorar festivales infantiles en diferentes
regiones de Chile.
Meiyi Lu
As the museum deputy director, a theatre director, a curator, as well as a
strategist for media and public relations, Mr. Lu believes that interdisciplinary collaborations lead to the future of art museums. Mei-yi was a dancer
in the Cloud Gate Dance Theater in Taiwan from 1999 to 2002, and had
initiated the "M Theater" project, which aims to develop new audiences
and establish connections among various theater spaces in the museum
platforms in Shanghai, and encourages its participants to step out from
framed styles, to discover and present their true physical talents.
Deputy Director of Power Long Museum (Shanghai) / Choreographer
(Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo)
Liu Zhang
[email protected]
In September 2003, Liu Zhang joined Ogilvy & Mather Greater China,
known as one of the largest multidisciplinary marketing communications
agencies in the world which services Fortune Global 500 companies as well
as local businesses through its network. She mastered and practiced Integrated Marketing Communication skills with different clients from commercial brands like IBM and Audi to NGO like WWF.
From March 2012 till December 2014, Liu worked as Marketing Manager in
Fin Automation Limited Tianjin. During the time, she kept contributing
her experiences in marketing & branding and played an important role in
driving potential business opportunities and helped kicking sales goals.
Xiaoli Zhou
Ms. Zhou Xiaoli born in 1974.
Aartistic director of The Meriton Cultural Development Company for Children’s Theatre of Quijang. Founder of the Seeds Project of Pea Pod Educative Theatre for Public Welfare Executive director of Strategy Association
of Shaaxi Province. With 11 years of experience of holding the international cultural exchange and festival of Childrenøs theatre she has paid visits
to more than 11 countries and established cooperative rlationships with
many theatrical groups and organizations. She is the advocator and Practitioner in putting the cincept of “Thaetre, experience, education” into
General Manager - The Meriton
Cultural Development Company for
Children’s Theatre of Quijang
[email protected]
Xu Xin
Senior Editor, Dept of Arts and
Literature - People’s Daily
[email protected]
As a senior editor of Dept. Arts & Literature, People’ Daily, the No. 1
newspaper in China with a daily circulation number of over 3 million copies. Xu Xin is responsible for reporting on major national and international
art events and performances. Being a young and influential theatre critic,
Xu Xin writes for other magazines and newspapers by invitation. In 2013,
her writing of the oral history of Lin Zhaohua, the leading theatre director
of China was published in China by China Writers Publishing House. Xu Xin
was a graduate of the post-graduate program on World Literature of the
Nan Kai University. In 2009, she was awarded Scotland International Scholarship and studied for a year in the Msc program of European Theatre,
University of Edinburg, with a focus on EIF (Edinburgh International Festival) and NTS (National Theatre of Scotland).
Diandian Gu
Diandian is currently working as the project manager of Beijing Uni-Art
Worldwide Culture & Media Company, leading the program of introducing
Danish theatres for children. Being a graduate from Shanghai Theatre Academy, she has spent more than half of her 4-year bachelor time abroad.
With the working and study experience in different countries including
U.K., U.S., Denmark and Canada, Diandian has developed her ability of
managing cross-national and multi-cultural art activities. She is now admitted by the International Arts Management Master program of HEC Montreal
in Canada.
Beijing Uni-Art
[email protected]
Meng Ling
Received Master Degree in Cultural Management in the Chinese University,
and Bachelor Degree in International Relations in Renmin University of
China, Ling Meng has been working in the past 6 years in both performing
arts and contemporary art field, including Beijing Dance Theater, Long
March Space, Chinese Contemporary Art Award Foundation. She has also
worked independently on projects with both young choreographers and
visual artists.
Danish Cultural Institute, Beijing
[email protected]
Lin Wang
[email protected]
Prof. Dr. Lin Wang was born in China. She is composer, writer, pianist,
opera director and artistic director of O.C.C. in Germany, USA and China.
She won many first prices in Asia, Europe and America. Such as: - First
Prize, Musica Femina München Komponistinnen entdecken und foerdern,
Germany. - First Prize, the first Edition of “Franco Donatoni ” International
Meeting for Young Composers Composition Competition, International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), Italy. - Grand Prize, the Isang Yun International Composition Prize, South Korea. - First Prize, the First session
of International Hamburg Klangwerktage New Musik Festival and Composition Competition, Germany.—First Prize, European Young Composers Competition in Hochschule fuer Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar, Germany. - Special
Prize and the Second Prize, the Luxembourg Sinfonietta on the Third Luxembourg International Composition Prize, Luxembourg. - First Price for
Maki Ishii International Composition Prize in Japan. Her music was premiered by Gaudeamus Music Festival, Vienna Modern, La Biennale di Venezia,
Bregenzer Festspiele, etc. Commissioned works, among others for the Munich Biennale, Ensemble Modern, Musik Fabrik, Nieuw Ensemble Amster-
Yin Wu
Assistant Producer
- The A.S.K.
[email protected]
Monica Wu joined The A.S.K. (Art Space for Kids) since its very beginning in
2014 as the youngest and passionate assistant producer. She participated in
the First Family Arts Festival in 2014, helped presenting around 300 performances of 8 productions from 6 nations around the world in the A.S.K. studio theatre in Shanghai, the first and only studio theatre for kids (aged 012) and their families in China, aiming at presenting the top-notch international productions with cross-generational appeal in the most relaxing but
engaged way.
Rui Chen
Ray was graduated from Shanghai Tongji University with a bachelor degree
on Chinese Literature. Before join The Theatre, she has 4 years experience
of media work, as editor for Jiefang Daily and Pudong Times, two major
newspaper in Shanghai. She is currently responsible for the publicity of The
Theatre and coordinates family events.
Manager and PR Department
-ShangHai Children Art Theatre
Yajing Zhao
Yajing received her Master Degree of Arts Administration from Columbia
University. She spent three years in New York City, studying and practicing
in the arts circle there. Prior to The Children's Theatre, she also has rich
experiences in contemporary art. She is currently working for the theatre's
programming department, in charge of curating theatre's performing season.
SHCAT Programming Department
- ShangHai Children Art Theatre
[email protected]
Wenjing Dong
Wenjing got her Master Degree of Art History from Arts Academy, Shanghai
University. From 2011 to 2014, she served as the Head of Education at
Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. With extensive educational experiences, since 2014, she joined the Arts Education Department at
The Theatre, curating educational activities. She is also in charge of producing public-interest performances for the Theatre.
SHCAT Art Education Department
- ShangHai Children Art Theatre
Zhe Zhang
an independent promoter of Danish
[email protected]
With previous working experience at the Royal Danish Consulate General in
Guangzhou for more than 10 years, Samantha Zhang has gained a good
understanding of Danish culture in different area. She has been working
with the Danish Culture Institute in Beijing for close cooperation in promoting Danish art and culture in South China. Samantha Zhang has good
partnership with local and international schools in Guangdong Province;
she also partners with Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Xinghai Concert Hall,
local gallery and museum to introduce Danish performances and exhibitions. With local sponsors, she has successfully held exhibitions and performances in Guangzhou and Shantou. Samantha Zhang hopes to expand cooperation with more Danish artists, cultural agencies and institutions in the
Hu Yin
Founder of YINZI Theatre, Independent Producer, Curator
[email protected]
Hu Yin is the founder of YINZI theatre In Chongqing. In YINZI, Hu Yin designed an adaptive business and curatorial plan, which restored the theatre
to robust artistic and fiscal health, promoting YINZI theater to become one
of the important independent art institutions in Chongqing, and also the
most active black box theatre in the southwest of China . Appointment of
Gu Tao as Art Director in 2014 . encouraged production of crossover and
new media and garnered acclaim for interdisciplinary productions in field
of music, experimental theatre, exhibition and dance.
With a sense of mission of rich local artistic ecology and promoting local
art innovation, as well inviting both European and Asian artists to show
their works in Chongqing and recommending China's contemporary art in
southwest to Europe and Asia. A design department /Sichuan Fine Arts
Institute and a interior display designer, Hu Yin is also a lecturer of public
art in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute .
Jing Yang
Yang Jing works in the Centre for China Shanghai International Arts Festival
since 2012, and acts as Vice President since 2013. She takes charge of publicity and education. She has been worked successively in the Forum Affairs
Department of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau, Research and
Development Department of Shanghai Television, and Shanghai Shenhua
Football Club.
Vice President - China Shanghai International Arts Festival
[email protected]
Lin Lu
Lu Lin works in the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival
since 2004, and acts as Deputy Director of Arts Education Department. She
takes charge of event planning and execution. Arts education activities
covered all people, including lectures, workshops, master classes and cultural exchange.
Senior Program Manager of Public
Events Department - China Shanghai
International Arts Festival
[email protected]
Shengrong Mao
Deputy Director of Publicity& P.R. Department of the Center for China
Shanghai International Arts Festival. He is in charge of the press and news
affairs of the festival. Mr. Mao is professional in the communication, and
graduated from the Renmin University of China.
Deputy Director of Publicity and P.R.
Department- China Shanghai International Arts Festival
Siyi Jiang
Office Secretary of the Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival. She works in the Center for China Shanghai InternationalArts Festival
since 2005.She is charge of office administration. Ms.
Jiang graduated from Donghua University and majored in business administ
General Office - China Shanghai International Arts Festival
Xi Wang
The General Director of Wu Yin Performance Workshop,The general director of the Chongqing children's seed theater, Master of Russian National
academy of drama performances in St Petersburg, The children's drama
education work. The director of the many drama and children's drama
Teacher of Mei Shi Film Academy of
Chong Qing University
Hu Zhao
The General Director of Wu Yin Performance Workshop,The general director of the Chongqing children's seed theater, Master of Russian National
academy of drama performances in St Petersburg, The children's drama
education work. The director of the many drama and children's drama
Teacher of Mei Shi Film Academy of
Chong Qing University
Lizhu Ren
A graduate in Marketing and Business Management from Leicester University in the UK. Before TONG, Liz Ren spent her first 5 years career
time (2006 -2010) at one of China’s most professional Performing arts
Agency as senior project manager, followed by 4 years working at
the European Union Delegation to China on EU-China bilateral exchanges
from 2011 to 2014. By the end of 2014, her two-years old son inspired her
to kick-off a new start-up in the children arts industry, and TONG was the
first company introducing intimate family theatre to young kids families in
co-founder/PR Director - TONG Production
[email protected]
Zhaoxia Wu
Project Manager at TONG Productions, responsible for artist management
and tour coordination. Before join TONG, Zhaoxia used to work for a
French company on project management and also 2 years working on relationship management in the hospitality industry.
TONG Production
[email protected]
Yidan Su
Yidan Su is doing her bachelor degree in arts management at Shanghai
Theatre Academy from 2013. Now she is studying at University of Leeds.
Yidan Su worked as an international intern of Aprilfestival since last year.
Yidan also worked as an intern of Shanghai International Arts Festival Center. Yidan is currently helping in promoting the cooperation between Chinese theatre companies/students and other students and theatre companies in Denmark and UK.
International Intern
-Shanghai Theatre Academy/
Univetsity of Leeds
[email protected]
Yue Chang
Yue Chang is a junior student of Shanghai Theatre Academy and majoring in
arts management. She won scholarships constantly because of her excellent academic performance during her studying period. She participated in
more than ten art projects (including dramas, movies and exhibitions) in
the past three years as a producer or a executive producer. It helped her
accumulate experience adequately. She was invited by USITT to participate
in the 56th US Institute for Theatre Technology conference and to represent international students. Now she is an intern of both Shanghai Drama
Art Center and April Festival.
International Intern
-Shanghai Theatre Academy
[email protected]
Lan Ma
Lan Ma is now a graduate from Shanghai Theatre Academy, as an Arts Management major student , she has been a producer of the play Down to
Earth as her graduate program which successfully showed on her school
Lighting Laboratory. She has experience on being a producer assistant of a
show at Shanghai Drama Art Center and a volunteer at Shanghai International Festival of Arts. Now she is working as an intern at a company mainly
making art project plan for large-scale shopping mall.
International Intern
-Shanghai Theatre Academy
[email protected]
Sua Yen See
Gan Eng Kee
[email protected]
[email protected]
Maite Hernandez
Ernesto Parra
Director and Actor - Teatro Tuyo
[email protected]
Journalist, Critic - Casa de las Américas
[email protected]
Esther Suárez Durán
My name is Esther Su rez Dur
n, I'm a playwright, a researcher and a theatrical critic and President of
ASSITEJ Cuban Center.
President - ASSITEJ Cuba
[email protected]
Kaido Rannik
Founder, leader, actor and director of Miksteater theatre company, founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 2007. Member of the Board of ASSITEJ Estonia
2012-2016. Director of 7 productions. Several roles in theatre and TV series. Previously also drama and speech teacher in Viimsi School and drama
teacher in Polygon Drama school. Postgraduate studies acting, directing,
voice and speech at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Drama
School, Tallinn, Estonia. Temporarily lives in Brussels, Belgium.
[email protected]
Eeva Anttila
Professor—University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy
[email protected]
Katarina McAlester
Lecturer -University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy
Riku Saastamoinen
Lecturer - University of the Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy
[email protected]
Petteri Jakobsson
I’m a former circus artist currently working as a production manager in
Maracat Caravan, Finnish development office for performing arts that I
founded together with circus director Maksim Komaro. Our core is in circus
but we work also with theater and dance. Since 2013 we have collaborated
with many Finnish circus artist and companies. Our aim is to produce and
develop sustainable performances that can tour internationally. We represent companies like Clunker Circus, Sirkus Aikamoinen, Circo Aereo, Naïve
Man Company and Norwegian Cirkus Xanti."
production manager in Maracat Caravan
[email protected]
Hanna Ryti
Director/Playwright/ASSITEJ Finland
[email protected]
Hanna Ryti is a freelance theatre director, playwright, performance dramaturge and theatre pedagogue. Her primary interest is in projects aiming
to physical contemporary theatre both for kids and adults. Her style is
visual, physical and humoristic, a bold fusion of different fields of the performing arts. Almost every project includes groundwork with dramapedagogical methods dealing with social issues in society. She has founded
her own group called Reunaryhmä, which is crossing the borders of performing arts widely, group members have years of experience in areas such as
circus, theater, dance, puppetry, music and light design. Right now she is
planning different projects dealing with space - physical, written and imaginary space - for example a performance about prisons, prisoners, crime
sanctions and finnish society. She has studied in the University of Tampere,
in the University of applied sciences in Helsinki and in the University of the
François Fogel
I am a former news and stage photographer. I work for Scènes d'enfance ASSITEJ France, where I am in charge of international and communication.
I am a member of the executive committee of ASSITEJ International.
[email protected]
Pascale Paulat
Stephan von Löwis of Menar
Directrice - Ere de Jeu, Festival Ô 4
Vents, Paris
[email protected]
Festival director
- KinderKinder
[email protected]
Dagmar Domrös
Artistic Director-Theater o.N
[email protected]
Dagmar Domrös (Artistic Director, Theater o.N. | FRATZ international,
studied political science, German Studies and American Studies in Hamburg
and Massachusetts. She worked as the assistant to Wynn Handman, Artistic
Director of the American Place Theatre in New York City during the
1997/1998 season. She worked as a dramaturg at Theater Heidelberg from
2001 to 2005, where she also curated the ”Heidelberger Stückemarkt –
Forum junger Autoren” (Heidelberg New Play Festival). Domrös has worked
as a dramaturg for German Theater Abroad (GTA) in Berlin and New York
from 2005 to 2008 and realized transatlantic theater projects such es
„Stadttheater New York“ (2006) or „Road Theater USA“ (2007). In 2009 she
joined Theater o.N. in Berlin as a dramaturg and is Artistic Director of
Theater o.N. with Vera Strobel since 2012. In 2013 the team presented the
first edition of FRATZ international - Festival for Very Young Audiences and
in 2015 the second edition.
Vera Strobel
Theater o.N
[email protected]
Christiaan Bloem
Henk de Reus
Garage TDI
Garage TDI
Mary-Lou McCarthy
[email protected]
Mary-Lou is an actor and theatre-maker based in Ireland with a degree in
Drama & Theatre Studies and English from University College Cork. This
year she received an Artist Bursary from Cork City Council Arts Office to
further develop her knowledge and skills in the area of Theatre for Young
Audiences, and with their support has come to Aprilfestival for the first
time. Recent acting credits include Bees! A Musical (Willfredd Theatre/The
Ark); Me, Mollser (Abbey Theatre); The Secret Garden (Everyman/
BrokenCrow); Alice in Wonderland (Monekyshine Theatre) and The Blue Boy
(Brokentalkers). Mary-Lou is currently developing a new show for young
audiences with support from Theatre Lovett’s Time to Play initiative.
Carlotta Zini
International co-ordinator of TACT/FEST.
La Baracca
[email protected]
Cristina Cazzola
Director - Festival Segni d’Infanzia
[email protected]
From 1995 professional actress, dramaturge and director both for theatre
and television. Cristina Cazzola started to work as actress also for theatre
for young audience in 2000. From 2005 She have been taking care of international dissemination and staring to approach organization and management in arts project. From 2006 organizer and artistic director for the
International festival Segni d’infanzia, 5 days, around 200 meeting with
shows and workshop for 18 months up to 18 years audience, for schools ad
families. In the past 10 years she established relations to organize tour in
12 different countries and also built relations with partners, with local
governments, embassies and funders of the festival and various project. In
2012 she started to create specific project for audience developing in collaboration with governmnt of Milano and Mantova. She is actually collaborating freelance with different structures as International adviser than
artistic director for Segni d’infanzia.
Toshio Hanaoka & Saori Hanaoka
[email protected]
Noriko Matsumoto
Clarte Puppet Theatre
[email protected]
Akira Ota
1996 Tokyo Engeki
(Theater) Ensemble joined.
2003 Japan Theater producer Association Secretary General (to 2009) Short
-term study abroad to Swedish as 2004, the Agency for Cultural Affairs
overseas trainees.
[email protected]
2009 Japan-Korea theater Exchange Center Secretary-General Now,Vice
Izumi Lin
[email protected]
Playwright. Born in Gifu Prefecture. Since her childhood, she has loved
theatre, and after graduating from university, she worked with Theatre
Company Haguruma and Tokyo Engeki Ensemble, and then became a freelance playwright. From 1989, she wrote radio drama for NHK, Japan
Broadcasting Cooperation for more than 10 years. She has written a number of plays, musicals, and opera for various theatre companies, mostly for
children and young audiences, aiming to create plays adults and children
can talk about together. The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught
Her to Fly, a play she adapted, received Tokyo Metropolitan Award of
Excellence in Theatre for Children and has been performed more than 300
times by Theatre Company Nakama. She also received The 39th Saida Takashi Drama Award of Excellence for “Nagasaki N’ Graffiti” performed by
Theatre Company Douke and The 23rd Madam O Theatre for Children and
Young People Award both from Japan Association of Theatre for Children
and Young People. Currently she also teaches playwriting at university and
Hisashi Shimoyama
Rica Rica Festa, Okinawa
[email protected]
Kakigi Yoshie
Kazuko Nishimura
Clarte Puppet Theatre
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tomoko Fukusako
Kagoshima Kodomogekijyo
[email protected]
Yuuko Kitamura
[email protected]
Kazumi Miyishi
Korin Sakura
Tomomi Yamauchi
internaonal coordinator of TACT/
[email protected]
Lilija Lipora
Lilija Lipora has Bachelor of Arts degree in choreography specialty. With
contemporary dance is associated since 1996. Choreographer of dance
theatre project company „STARS` WELL” Staged several
internationally successful dance theater performances. From 2011. member of ASSITEJ in Latvia. Choreopgrapher of more than 30 performaces in
Latvian Puppet theatre and 15 different theatres shows and opera. Artistic
director and organizer of International contemporary dance festival "VIDES
DEJA" (site specific)
Choreographer, director-Star's Well
[email protected]
Varis Klausītājs
Varis Klausitajs, I'm from Latvia ASSITEJ board and I do drawing theater
ether by directing and/ or by acting since 2008.
Drawing theater is open for very different spaces to perform. And there on
the stage might be painters, dancers, actors, musicians, fairy-tellers and
all of them can draw according the set of the play.
I'm looking for collaboration and new experience crossing borders.
There are a good examples in history of drawing theater
Director-Zimejumu teatris
[email protected]
Paula Pļavniece
Dita Balčus
Rasa Bugavičcute
Ilze Kļaviņa
Egija Silāre
[email protected]
Marisa Gimenéz Cacho
In the theater she has worked as an actress, assistant director and producer with Mexican and foreign directors, also taking part in international
From 2003 to 2014, she was the artistic director of the Theater for Children and Young People Program of the National Fine Arts Institute , which
is responsible for producing, programming and promoting theater for young
audiences in five theatres of Mexico city. From here she launched the
Great Theater Marathon for Children and Young People in 2008 and in 2011
the First International Theater Festival for Children and Young People “A
Trote” Likewise, she has promoted several research projects and publicaGeneral Secretary- tions on the history of puppets in Mexico, the history of Children’s TheaASSITEJ International ter in Mexico and analysis and reflection papers relating to this branch of
the theater.
[email protected]
From 2008 to 2013 she was a member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ, and has edited this association’s magazine as from 2012. In 2014 at
Devendra Neupane
Devendra Neupane worked as a manager, an actor, an audiographer ,a
videographer,a radio program producer.
Production / Stage Manager
- Actors’ Studio, Kathmandu, Nepal
Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
[email protected]
Camilla Svingen
[email protected]
Merete Elnan
Merete Elnan has broad experience in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA):
performing arts for children, by youth, theatre with children, or theater
discussing childhood. Elnan has in particular followed the work of Suzanne
Osten and the ensemble Unga Klara for decades, and has several publications that analyses Osten’s work. Elnan has been a board member of the
Norwegian Assitej since 2011, and has been a part of the ITYARN (the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network) since the start
in 2007.
[email protected]
Camara Christina Lundestad Joof
[email protected]
Tony Reekie
[email protected]
Ben Fletcher-Watson
Ben Fletcher-Watson is a doctoral researcher at the Royal Conservatoire of
Scotland, studying performing arts for the very young. He has published
widely on theatre and dance for young audiences, and is an ASSITEJ Next
Generation Artist.
Doctoral researcher at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
[email protected]
Diana Kržanić Tepavac
Artistic Director/ EC-memberStudio for Performing and Visual
[email protected]
Diana Kržanić Tepavac is an actress, theatre and drama pedagogue, and
founder and artistic director of the Studio for Performing and Visual Arts
“Step out” (“Iskorak”), within which she explores the possibilities of theatre pedagogy through a direct cooperation with young people.
She has been a member of the ASSITEJ Serbia board since 2005, starting
with 2008 she is its elected president. She initiated the establishment of
the regional ASSITEJ network Europe 8+ with the aim to encourage and
strengthen the regional cooperation in the Central and South-East Europe.
Diana is an Executive Committee member of ASSITEJ International, firstly
elected in 2011th -2014th she was strongly involved in the creation of the
IIAN International Inclusivity Art Network, and since her re-election for the
2014th -2017th mandate, she is a member of the Projects group in charge
of Next Generation Placements program.
She initiated, created and coordinated a number of national and international projects and programmes aimed at exploring topics of theatre prac-
Maria Thorson
Tullis Rennie
Xavier Martinez
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Vicenc Viaplana
Laia Ribas
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Mar Nicolás
Esteban Martinez
Ramon Maria Mingot Garreta
David i Monma - Clownidoscopio
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After studying music and theater from child, studies clown with Eric de
Bont, Jean Meningue, Michel Dallaire and others. Combines it with other
disciplines, studying Physical theatre with Isaac Alvarez, Storytelling with
Encarna de las Heras, Dance-Theatre Improvisation with Shahar Dor and
continuing the music studies as autodidact. Joins as performer in Shahar
Dor Company during 2 years taking part of 4 different projects. In 2009
cocreates the company Clownidoscopio and the company David i Monma
Teatre, producing clown theater and storytelling shows since then. The last
show produced is called Fràgil.
David Novell Asensio
After years of personal investigation, this multidisciplinary artist builds and
creats his own way of expression, through music, painting, movement,
physical theatre and clown.
In 2009 he cocreates the company Clownidoscopio, with which he created
diferent clown shows and children´s shows.
Actor-David i Monma, Ibiza
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In 2011 he joined the Bont's International Clown school company with
which he participates in several shows. The same year he started running
the company David i Monma Teatre specialized in children's shows, which
he has been touring with, in national and international scope, over the
past five years.
In 2013 he started with "Diagonal", a street theatre company, and from
2014 he collaborated with "Clowns Without Borders " NGO
Concepción Villarrubia
Coordinator of Abecedaria program, one of the most consolidated initiatives of performing arts, music and dance for children in Spain, with 35
years experience in the field covering acting, theatre direction, cultural
management and programming.
Proyecto educativo, Granada, Spain
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Soledad Gallardo
Proyecto educativo, Granada, Spain
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Soledad Gallardo,1977 Argentina, Buenos Aires.
In 1983 I started studying contemporary dance with Maria Fux and in 1998 I moved on to Madrid in order to improve and get a deeper understanding of the techniques of flamenco dance
at the prestigious flamenco school “Amor de Dios” . Since 2006 I have been working in management and dramaturgy at different events of the flamenco vanguard together with artists
such as Marco Vargas, Olga Pericet, Juan Carlos Lérida, Tasha González, Raúl Cantizano, Ana
Calí, Luis de Luis, Pilar Fajardo, Sergio “El Coloraíto”, Ester Crisol, Leilah Broukhim, Carmela
La Chocolata, Ruben Silva…
As a cultural manager, I have been realizing projects of social intervention in relation with
literature and theatre based on the intention to dinamize culture on a rural level:
“workshop of scenic arts Cosecha Propia”, “En cada portal una historia” (a tale behind each
door), Pasito a paso” (step by step) “Bambalinas flamencas” (flamenco backdrops).
Since 2013 up to today, I have been working as the administrative and distribution manager
of the theatre company La Rous which is a national reference of quality theatre for children
and adolescents having received the national award of scenic arts for childhood and youth in
2011). Since then, my artistic and culture managing projects are mainly based on work pro-
Juan Antonio Estrada
Proyecto educativo, Huelva,
Jaume Gomila Capó
Degree in Law, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law, University of Huelva. Referee
enrolled in the Law Society of Huelva. Master in Cultural Management, Universidad
Complutense de Madrid in collaboration with the S.G.A.E. and the National Institute of Performing Arts (Ministry of Culture).
Diploma in Interpretation. Theatre Institute, Andalusian Theatre Centre, Ministry
of Culture - Government of Andalusia.
He has been an actor, adapter, producer and distributor. He is currently a Senior
Technical General Secretariat of the Diputacion de Huelva. He combines this position with the function of programmer and coordinator of the Festival of Theatre
and Dance 'Castillo de Niebla'.
He has given numerous courses and collaborations including:
Guest speaker at the Masters in Cultural Management at the University of Granada
and the University of Seville. Speaker at the Conference on Cultural Management
at the University of Cordoba. University Teacher expert in courses in Cultural
Management at the University of Cádiz-government of Cadiz.
He has developed the syllabi for the Master in Cultural Management at the Open
University of Catalonia, also participating in the development of the training manual for Cultural Industries for the School of Social Economy and Innoves Foundation.
He has been member in the Advisory Council of Music, Theatre and Dance of the
Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions, Ministry of Culture, Government of
Jaume Gomila, is the President of Sa Xerxa of children and youth theater
in the Balearic Islands, the entity organizer of the FIET, and other Festivals
around the Balearic Islands as Formentera, Ibiza and Menorca, is a nonprofit organization that has aims to provide children and young aesthetic
quality shows and teaching to help them tune with the world of culture a
playful way.
- Sa Xerxa of children and youth theater
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Àngela Jaume Sureda
Àngela Jaume, is the artistic director of FIET (Fira de Teatre infantil i juvenil de les Illes Balears) an initiative by Sa Xerxa, a non-profit organisation
that aims to support and promote theatre productions for children and
young people on the Balearic Islands.
FIET brings together hundreds of people, companies and professionals interested in theatre of gesture. Since 2002, it has transformed Vilafranca de
Bonany (Mallorca), into a hub for showcasing and exchanging experiences
and projects.
organizer and programmer
-Sa xerxa, Mallorca
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Bengt Andersson
Josefin Lenström
Riksteatern Sweden
Mitt i Prick Teatern
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Niclas Malmcrona
Niclas Malmcrona is Director of ASSITEJ Sweden with more than 20 years of
experience in organising international workshops, seminars and festivals.
Between 1999-2008 Niclas was the Secretary General of ASSITEJ International. In co-operation with Peter Manscher, Denmark, he was also Executive Director of the 17th ASSITEJ World Congress and Performing Arts Festival ?building Bridges Crossing Borders?taking place in Malm? Copenhagen in
May 2011. He is currently board member of Bibu - the Swedish Performing
Arts Biennia for Children and Youth.
Director-ASSITEJ Sweden
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Kaatje De Geest
Kaatje De Geest is a graduate student from Ghent University (Belgium)
with a BA in Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies. She is currently
doing an internship at ASSITEJ Sweden and writing her Master抯 thesis on
theatre for early years.
Intern-ASSITEJ Sweden
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Duygu Dalyanoğlu
Bilge Serdar Göksülük
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Aysel Yıldırım
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Tülin Saglam
Prof. Tülin Saglam, Ph.D, is teaching at theater Department at Ankara University, Turkey. their research focuses on anthropological approaches to
theatre and drama and theater for young audiences. He has been working
voluntarily for Assitej Turkey since 1990. She is the head of Assitej Turkey
and a board member of ITYARN.
ScholarASSITEJ Turkey/ Ankara University
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Yasin Yürekli
I was born in 1988 in Ankara, Turkey.
I graduated from Department of Theatre; Faculty of Languages, History and
Geography; Ankara University, then I studied at Commedia School in Copenhagen, Denmark on physical theatre. Currently I am performing and
directing plays within The Way Studio Theatre Group.
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Lillian Mbabazi
Assistant Lecturer: Department of Performing Arts and Film
Studied in University of Leeds, MA Theatre and Global Dev’t (Pass with
Merit). Graduated from Makerere University Kampala.
Coordinator: Muli Mutya Lancashire! Inclusive Theatre Project in Uganda.
2013Facilitated an Inclusive Arts Workshop in Namirembe Parents Primary
School And Kampala School For The Physically Handicapped.
Coordinator Youth Theatre Project, a project under The Uganda Youth Cultures Project supported by the Danish Embassy and in collaboration with
the department of Performing Arts and Film, Makerere University.
Kampala University
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Liz O'Neill
Liz O Neill is Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Z arts, Manchester
s venue for children and families, England. She is also Chair of the Big Ima
ginations network of venues in the North West of England who are dedicate
d to bringing brilliant children s theatre to the region.
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Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis is a performer and Artistic Director of Theatre lolo based in
Cardiff Wales where he has directed over 50 productions for children and
young people.Recently he has been performing for babies at Sydney Opera
House and Melbourne Arts Centre in Out of the Blue created and directed
by Sarah Argent . It will be playing at the Assitej On the Edge Festival in
Birmingham in July 2016.
He also performs with Good News from the Future - a group of mature
physical theatre performers based in Cardiff.
performer and Artistic DirectorTheatre Iolo
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Matthew Reason
Professor of Theatre and Performance at
York St John University
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Matthew Reason is Professor of Theatre and Performance at York St John
University (UK). His research engages with a number of areas including:
audiences to theatre and dance, theatre for young audiences, performance
documentation, reflective practice and cultural policy. He is interested in
the use of creative and participatory research methods designed to explore
the impact and experience of theatre and dance. Publications include Documentation, Disappearance and the Representation of Live Performance
(Palgrave 2006), The Young Audience: Exploring and Enhancing Children's
Experiences of Theatre (Trentham/IOE Press 2010), Kinesthetic Empathy in
Creative and Cultural Contexts (co-edited with Dee Reynolds, Intellect
2012) and Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance (co-edited
with Anja Mølle Lindelof, Routledge 2016).
Zoe Pickering
Sarah Argent
Stephen Mottram
Freelance director/translator
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Puppet maker
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David Stothard
Ashley Pilling
Course Director
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Aleksander Garibashvili
Co-Founding member of the Eleffant
foot physical theatre company (Chicago, US) and the 'Kharkiv Comedy Wor
kshop'. Graduated from the 'London International School of Performing Arts
.' Has taught ensemble devised creation for over 10 years. Main focus on th
e body of the actor and movement technique. He is also a musician playing
the Saxophone, Guitar, Percussion and singing.
Teacher & Performer
[email protected]
Volodimir Goryslavets
A Professor of Acting and Directing in 'Kharkivs' Academy of Arts.' He is the
Head of the underground experimental theater 'Kotelok' which pioneers a d
ocumentary approach to theater. He has over 45 years of directing experie
nce. He has brought up more then one generation of internationally succes
sful playwrights and directors.
Artistic Director-Kharkov’s experimental Theater
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Maria Koreneva
Has a Masters Degree in Philology and Actor Devised Physical Theater. Curr
ently lives and works in Ukraine, Kharkiv, she takes part in curating the int
erdisciplinary Theater Festival 'Ya i Sela Brook' which fosters new artistic v
oices and encourages a participatory approach to theater. She is also a per
former and Theatrical Pedagogue, teaching physical theater and clown in t
he Kharkiv Comedy Workshop and the experimental theater 'Kotelok'.
Artistic directorThe Comedy workshop, Kharkov
Anu-Maaria Calamnius-Puhakka
Anu-Maaria is from Finland and lives in Switzerland. She started the Young
ID Zug Festival 2015. She comes from law field and studied legal studies in
London and Maastricht. She did executive art administration (EMAA) master in Zurich. She works in her own culture management firm - acculture
calamnius- in Zug and is active in different culture institutions and societies. She is passionate about the children culture especially dance, music
and architecture. She is mother of four children.
Anna Babkina
International Street Theatre Festival which exists since 1990 and International Music a
nd Theatre Festival European Spring which exists since 2004.
Manager of two fesvals held in Arkhangelsk,