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Dear Parents,
Next week, the second grade will be learning about geometry. In class,
children will be engaged in reasoning about shapes and their attributes. The key vocabulary words that children will be learning are in
the table below. When possible, please point out examples of these
words in your everyday life or ask children to find examples.
Brief Definition
Formed by two rays that
begin at the same point or
share the same endpoint
Any of the individual
surfaces of a solid object
A three-sided polygon
A four-sided polygon
(square, rectangle)
A five-sided polygon
A six-sided polygon
A three-dimensional figure
with six equal faces
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Everyday Applications
Where the corners of a wall
The corners of a book or
Sides on a die
A box of cereal
A package
The sail on a boat
A piece of pizza
A roof
The cover of a book
A wall
A TV screen
A checkerboard
Home plate
A section on a soccer ball
A cell in a beehive
A cracker
A tile
A die
A letter block