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Our Sun is a Star:
How are solar wind and sunlight
___ Sunlight is heat and energy, solar
wind is a stream of electrically charged
___Sunlight is a stream of electrically
charged gasses and solar wind is a warm
breeze that blows on all the planets.
Tracing the Magnetic Sun:
(Read the section tracing the magnetic
What layer of the sun is this picture
showing us?
Answer the flip-up questions:
What objects have tails created by
solar wind?
What are the dark spots on this
picture? (Hint: they are not sunspots.)
___ Coronal Holes
___ Plumes
___ Active Regions
What are sunspots?
Map of the Bay Area:
What happens to the distance between
the planets as you get further out in the
solar system?
What is surprising about the actual scaled
distances? (your opinion)
If you built a super fast space shuttle that
could fly from the sun to the earth in one
day, how long would you think it should
take to fly from the earth to Pluto based
on the information in this map? (I’m asking
for an estimate so there is no right or
wrong answer)