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Chapter 12 Study Guide (This study guide is NOT exhaustive. Supplement with readings from
textbook and notes from class.)
Main Ideas:
Why was the Sui dynasty so important?
Tang Taizong
Describe Wu Zhao.
Wu Zhao
Describe two Chinese innovations and explain how they affect
modern society.
Movable type
How did the establishment of the gentry change Chinese society?
Why did clan life suit nomads?
Describe the reasons for Genghis Khan’s success as a leader.
Genghis Khan
Why was the Pax Mongolica possible?
Pax Mongolica
How was Kublai Khan different from other khans? How did this
affect how he ruled in China?
Kublai Khan
List three reasons for the decline of Mongol rule.
Marco Polo
How did geography shape Japan?
Describe the process of centralization in Japan. Name two key
players and list their political accomplishments.
How does feudalism weaken central governments?
Why were samurai ideal for a feudal system?
Khmer Empire
How did geography, agriculture, and trade give rise to powerful
southeast Asian kingdoms?
Trace the development of Korea from early history to the Choson
dynasty. How did geography affect its development?
Angkor Wat
Koryu Dynasty