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Christianity is the world’s largest religion, and its adherents can be found on ________________________
According to tradition, Christianity was founded in the ________________ by _____________
Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. The word ‘Christ’ comes from the Greek word christo,
which means ‘____________’
By the early first century A.D., the _______________ controlled the land of Judea, which is present day
Israel, and was the home of the Jewish people.
The Romans allowed the Jews to freely practice their religion, but the people still desired __________
Because the coming of a messiah had long been foretold by the Torah and the prophets, many
Jews believed that now would be the time for this person to come – and they believed this person
would come to _______________________________________.
It was during this time that Jesus was born into the Jewish community in Judea
At about the age of 30, Jesus was a traveling preacher and healer whose messages preached a doctrine
of ____________________________.
From about 30 AD to 33 AD, he traveled throughout Judea ____________________________________
Many of Jesus’ followers believed that he was the __________who would deliver them to
However, most of the Jews in Judea did not share this point of view.
Around 33 AD, the Roman authorities in the region _________________________________ and had him
executed by _______________.
According to Christian tradition, Jesus was the son of God and, following his crucifixion, he rose from
the dead and ascended into Heaven.
After the death of Jesus, the disciples _________ throughout the eastern Mediterranean region and
the Roman world ________________________________________.
Eventually ____________________ could be found in all parts of the Roman Empire: Greece, Asia
Minor, Egypt, Gaul, Spain, and the city of Rome itself.
Originally, Christians were ___________________by the Romans until the Emperor
_____________converted to Christianity and made the religion __________in 312 AD.
The Emperor ___________later made Christianity the __________________ of the empire in 392 A.D
Following the split of the Roman Empire into an East and West, the Christian Church began to see strain
between its _________________________.
Political and religious doctrinal differences finally led to a split, or ‘_________’ between the church in
________and _________________.
Western Christianity would be known as the ________________________, while Eastern
Christianity would be called the _________________________.
The Roman Catholic Church would splinter even further when the _____________________________
took place in western Europe during the 1500’s.
Today, most Christians belong to one of three general groups: _______________, _______________,
and ______________.
According to Christian tradition, people receive ____________ by believing in Jesus and following his
Christianity has a had a major impact on the _________________________________ of the western world
Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with over _____________followers
Christians share many holy sites with the __________religion.
For example, _______________is the holiest city for Christians, and a place in Jerusalem known as
the ‘________________________’ is the holiest site for the Christian faith.
The scripture followed by the Christians is the ___________, and the first five books of the Bible
contains the writings of the Jewish Torah
Christians worship in churches
The leader of the Christian Church is the __________.
The pope lives in the __________in the city of Rome
In what part of the world did Christianity originate?
Today, where do most Christians live?
Who is considered to be the founder of Christianity?
What is the traditional history behind the foundation of Christianity?
What are some of the basic beliefs and facts regarding Christianity?