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Steven Gayanilo
Instructor: Mr.Wnek
September 25, 2009
What are they?
• Pronunciation:
• A group or cluster of
various islands.
• A large water body that
contains a group or cluster
of various islands
The above image is the Philippines,
one of the many examples of an
Common Examples?
This is the World Islands, found off the coast of
Dubai. It is a man-made archipelago.
This is the Thousand Islands, an archipelago found
in the border of upstate New York and Southern
Common Examples?
Indonesia is the largest archipelago in terms
of total size.
Japan is one of the many
countries that are considered
New Zealand is another example of a
country considered as an archipelago.
How are they formed?
• Volcanic Activity
– Rock formations form
from magma seeping out
of the sea from
underwater volcanoes
– The Hawaiin Islands is
an example of an
archipelago formed from
volcanic activity
The aftermath of an underwater volcano that had
erupted off the coast of Japan.
The Hawaiin
Islands are an
example of
How are they formed?
• Tectonic Activity
– Shifting plate tectonics
aid in “shifting the
magma leakages from the
hot spots…which can
lead to the formations of
An example of how the collision of plate tectonics
many small islands
can form new land masses.
within a relatively small
–Colliding tectonic plates push
area (Hamel).
each other up and can form
new land masses such as small
islands or mountains.
How are they formed?
• Sea Level Changes
– If sea levels fell, new
islands can be created.
The aftermath of an underwater volcano that had
erupted off the coast of Japan.
– If sea levels rose,
currently existing islands
may possibly disappear.
Which species thrive here?
• Due to so many countries
and group of islands being
considered as archipelagos,
specific species cannot be
• High endemism (Ecological
state of being unique to a
particular geographic
location). (“Endemism)
• Highly biodiverse from
region to region.
• Strongly impacted by nonnative species.
The future based upon GCC?
Increased precipitation.
Melted glaciers raising
sea level.
• Increased precipitation
will affect the types of
species that thrive in
archipelagos (Goldman).
• Melting glaciers and polar
ice caps would increase
sea level (Hamel).
– Forms new archipelagos
near coastal terrain
– Currently existing
archipelagos may
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