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‘the lion king’ or ‘hamlet’
Ch. 4 Timeless Drama | track:
assignment: film adaptions
handout 4.6
“The Lion King” vs
The King: Mufasa
The King: King Hamlet
The King’s brother: Scar
The King’s brother: Claudius
The King’s heir and son: Simba
The King’s heir and son: Prince Hamlet
The Queen: Sarabi
The Queen: Gertrude
Find similarities and differences. Tick off in the correct column(s):
“The Lion King”
1. The king is killed.
2. The king’s son seeks revenge.
3. The murderer is the king’s brother.
4. The murderer wants the power of the throne.
5. The king’s son takes over the kingdom immediately.
6. The uncle successfully takes over the kingdom after
the death of the King.
7. The son does not like his uncle.
8. At first, the son does not know that his uncle had
anything to do with his father’s death.
9. At first, the son believes that he has killed
his own father.
10. After the murder, the son pretends to be mad.
11. After the murder, the son gets very depressed.
12. The ghost tells the son who the murderer is.
13. The Queen marries the King’s brother.
14. The son kills his father’s murderer himself.
15. The story ending is a tragedy.
16. The story has a happy ending.
17. The story is based on a Shakespeare play.
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