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1. Which continent is Greece located?
2. democracy
government ruled by people
3. city-state
small area that had its own government
4. Athens
artsy, literature-focused, philosophy
5. Sparta
6. oligarchy
government where few, wealthy men rule
7. philosopher
deep thinkers (i.e. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle)
8. Parthenon
Temple in honor of Athena
9. Mt. Olympus
A REAL mountain that was believed to be the
homes of the gods and goddesses
10. Poseidon God of the sea
11. Zeus King of the gods
12. Hera Queen of the gods
13. Aphrodite Goddess of love and beauty
14. Hades God of the underworld
15. Hermes Messenger god
16. Ares god of war
17. Apollo god of sun
18. Athena goddess of wisdom
19. Artemis-goddess of the hunt/wild things
20. Alexander the Great was a mighty warrior and
spread the Greek culture all the way to India.
21. Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey? Homer
22. Who is Helen? How did she affect the Trojan
War? Beautiful Helen of Troy. She ran away
with Paris. Menelaus, her husband, had the
Greek army get together to bring her home
from Troy.
23. What were the two sides involved in the Trojan
War? Greeks and Troy (Trojans)
24. Who is Achilles? AMAZING Warrior on the
Greek’s side
25. Who is the main character in the Odyssey?
26. What is Charybdis? Whirlpools
27. Who is Circe? What role does she play in the
Odyssey? Enchantress, who changes men into
wild animals
28. moly is the magical twig that Odysseus used to
defeat Circe’s magic.
29. Who is Beowulf? Warrior who defeats Grendel
30. What was the name of the 1st monster in
Beowulf? Grendel
31. How did Beowulf defeat him? Tears off his arm
32. Who was the 2nd monster in Beowulf? Grendel’s
33. How did Beowulf defeat her? Magical Sword