Download Remember – The Caya® diaphragm does not protect against STIs

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Caya is a new barrier device.
What is Caya ?
Caya® is a single size silicone
diaphragm with an oval contoured
shape, and a flexible rim. The
manufacturer recommends using a
lactic-acid-containing gel as a
lubricant. The gel is applied to the
diaphragm, the rim is squeezed and
the diaphragm is inserted into the
vagina. It sits across the vagina and
covers the cervix. One end of the
rim sits high up behind the cervix and
the other tucks under the pubic bone
in front.
It requires consistent and careful
use to be effective
Remember – The Caya
diaphragm does not protect
against STIs. Use a condom
for every sexual encounter
True Relationships & Reproductive Health (True) has
taken every care to ensure that the information
contained in this publication is accurate and up-to-date
at the time of being published. As information and
knowledge is constantly changing, readers are strongly
advised to confirm that the information complies with
present research, legislation and policy guidelines. True
accepts no responsibility for difficulties that may arise
as a result of an individual acting on the advice and
recommendations it contains.
How does the diaphragm
The diaphragm prevents the sperm
from entering the uterus and
swimming up to meet the egg and
joining together to become a
After intercourse the diaphragm must
be left in place for six hours. During
this time any sperm in the vagina die
due to the normal acid environment
in the vagina.
What are the advantages of
Caya as a method of
It is a non-hormonal method
It can be inserted well before
sexual activity
It can be purchased from a
pharmacy or a True clinic without
a prescription, and you can insert
the device yourself
It can be used in a regular
relationship or for intermittent
sexual activity
It can be used by men and
women who have a latex allergy
What are the disadvantages of
Caya as a method of
The Caya does not fit all women
– it is designed to fit 80% of
It does not protect against
sexually transmissible infections
Using a Caya
The lactic-acid-containing gel
should be applied to the
diaphragm within two hours of
intercourse. If there is any longer
gap, then more gel should be
used. The gel is not a spermicide.
After inserting the Caya , check
that the cervix is covered by
feeling with your fingers
When it is time to remove the
diaphragm, insert a finger into the
vagina just behind the pubic bone
to hook down and remove the
Wash the diaphragm after use
and dry thoroughly
Do not use any other products on
the diaphragm
If well-cared for, the diaphragm
can last two years
Version 1 8/15