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Andrew Wong
Head of Operations
Zuellig Pharma Limited
Supply Chain Collaboration in Hong Kong
Pharmaceutical Industry
Status in 2010
Zuellig Pharma Ltd : Who We Are
Quick Facts:
Privately Owned (80/20)
Established over
countries and regions in Asia Pacific
60 years
Sales 2009: US$
8 billion
8,000 employees
Zuellig Distribution Model
Drug supply chain
High quality products (GMP)
Batch production
High quality logistics and distribution network (GDP)
Monitored and controlled by every government
Full traceability just in case of product recall
More than 90% are import products
What does supply chain collaborate mean?
Data sharing
Operational data integration
Working together for best practices
Supply Chain Collaboration in
Pharmaceutical industry
From upward to downward collaboration
Upward Supply Chain Collaboration
Supplier/manufacturer integration : From Paper based to fully integrated
 Goods receipt acknowledge
 Sales order interface
 Order acknowledge
 Picking confirmation
 Inventory movement and inventory holding
 Demand planning
 E-payment
Downward Supply Chain Collaboration
• EDI Purchase order – over 10 year using GS1
exchange standard
• Electronic invoice – over 5 year using GS1 standard
• No operations data exchange
So what are the driving forces?
• Demand driven… just in time…
• Inventory reduction
• Changing of distribution network
Safe and High Quality
Supply Chain
Patient safety
Drug quality
Counterfeiting drugs
Distribution quality standard
Storage condition monitoring
Total Supply Chain traceability and visibility
Collaboration in 2010
• Co-operation
• Communication
• Commitment
Hospital Supply Chain
modernization project
Benefits to separate the
Despatch Advice (ASN) &
Invoice message:
Inventory Report
Proposed PO
 Flexibility of Partial Delivery
PO Response
24 hours in advance
goods delivery
 One standard workflow in
both drugs & non-drugs
 Despatch Advice (ASN)
supposed to serve logistics &
tracing function
The Despatch Advice (ASN) should be sent 24 hours before the Physical Goods
The Key elements of Despatch
Advice (ASN):
SSCC (Serial number for Logistics
§ GTIN (a universal bar code
§ Batch/ Lot number
§ Expiration Date
§ other elements (ie. quantity, country
code, delivery qty, serial #)
SSCC : Serial Shipping Container Code
Frequent communication activities with Department of Health / Hospital
Authority / Industry Players
 Department of Health Visit
 GS1 Visit
 Hospital Authority Visit
What is the next step?
• Committed to the target
launching date – Q3/2011
• Share the business case to
other suppliers
Thank You