Download World History Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 14

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World History Final Exam Study Guide
Chapter 14
1. How were the Asian and North American continents connected?
2. What are the Hopewell people known for?
3. Why did Cahokia collapse?
4. What did the Iroquois live in?
5. What were the “three sisters”?
6. What was the Great Peace?
7. What was the Grand Council?
8. When and how did Great Plains hunters hunt and kill buffalo?
9. What purposes did the buffalo serve for Plains people?
10. Why was Chaco Canyon abandoned?
11. What areas does the name Mesoamerica describe?
12. Why did the Mayan civilization decline?
13. What was Mayan life like? What happened to captured soldiers?
14. Describe Maya spiritual life. How were the gods ranked?
15. How did the Maya measure time?
16. How do we know the Toltec were an agricultural based civilization?
17. Describe what life was like for Toltec men.
18. Why did the Aztec settle in Tenochtitlan? Why did they move to the islands of Lake Texcoco?
19. What are chinampas? Why were they effective?
20. Who was Olmec? Who was Quetzalcoatl?
21. What is the significance of the Nazca Lines?
22. What do we learn about the Moche from their pottery?
23. What was the basis of Aztec society?
24. What was life like for women in Aztec society?
25. What is Machu Picchu? What does it tell us about Incan society?
World History Final Exam Study Guide
Chapter 17
1. What caused European explorers to undertake dangerous voyages?
2. What is a caravel? Why was it used for sailing long-distances?
3. How did European explorers navigate the seas?
4. Describe the details on Columbus’s journey to the Americas.
5. What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
6. How did Cortes defeat the Aztec?
7. How did Pizarro defeat the Inca?
8. When did Europeans begin settlements in North America?
9. Compare and contrast mercantilism and balance of trade.
10. How did governments encourage exports? What are subsidies?
11. Describe the Columbian Exchange.
12. What parts of the Columbian exchange were deadly? What were other negative parts?
13. Why were Africans shipped to the Americas in the 1500s?
14. Describe the triangular trade?
15. What was the impact of the Atlantic slave trade?
16. How were classes divided in Colonial Latin America?
17. What is the difference between peninsulares, creoles, mestizos, and mulattoes?
18. What is resource extraction and why is it important?
19. How were missions used in the Americas by the Dominicans, Franciscans, and Jesuits?